Ironman Chattanooga Pre Race

The inaugural Ironman Chattanooga is almost upon us and around 2700 athletes will embark on this journey. Here are some images from before the race.

The Ironman Village is situated near the waterfront in Chattanooga and the excitement is felt throughout town.

While the NormaTec boots are working hard, the people in them occupied themselves with their phones.

This is a big home game for Quintana Roo. The headquarters of the brand is about 20 miles away.

Adam Johnson from Helenville, WI was registered for Ironman Lake Tahoe and has driven thousands of miles to end up here. He will be one of our random age groupers from this event.

We noticed the new Kona Timex watch in the Chattanooga Ironman Village.

Daniel Bretscher won Ironman Wisconsin 3 weeks ago and will race Ironman Chattanooga on Sunday.

The LifeProof crew hard at work in the expo.

Lots of souvenirs can be had in the expo.

The swim finish will be right down there.

Support signs for loved ones are being drawn in the Sugoi tent.

With Little Debbie as a main sponsor for this race, there is no shortage of snack cakes.

And score for these 2 young ladies.

Velo Stop is the big shop here in the expo and Marc Lees is very busy here as athletes have many late concerns.

3 Velo Stop mechanics were working hard to get bikes ready for Sunday.

There is still time to relax.

The triathlon crowd is certainly felt in downtown Chattanooga.

People in town for the race can take advantage of the bike rental fleet in Chattanooga. Maybe not to race, but to get around during the event.

The High Point climbing gym near the expo is a must experience while here.

The local bike shops also notice the additional traffic. We stumbled upon Jim Lubinski as he had his tires checked out at Hub Endurance.