Slowtwitch 12 Days of Xmas, UCAN Tri Starter Pack

Between Friday, November 29th and Monday, December 16th we will highlight a new product each week day as part of our Slowtwitch 12 Days of Xmas Gift Guide.

Now on the 10th day of Xmas we present the UCAN Tri Starter Pack.

Photos by Aaron Palaian of Created By Aaron.

While most racing is on pause in North America, the ever dwindling off-season months offer multisporters an opportunity to experiment.

There is no better time to tinker, or even completely overhaul, ones nutritional strategy, during this time when the stakes are pretty low.

If you’re like top American pro Tim O’Donnell, inconsistent energy spikes and GI distress reared their dirty heads during long training and racing efforts. He fully committed to using UCAN products featuring SuperStarch, a complex carb that provides steady energy versus spikes and crashes.

No GI distress or low energy points led to Tim’s fastest run this year in Kona and netted him a sub-8, second place finish.

UCAN is offering their Tri Starter Pack at 25% off (that's $22.50), a way to sample each of their products: two energy packets, two energy plus protein packets, four bars and three hydration sticks.