Stunning pics from Öloppet

The Öloppet SwimRun in Sweden was first run in 2011 and then had 100 teams, but this year apparently over 700 teams challenged themselves in this fast growing sport on a warm day. Air temps were around the mid 70s (21-25 degrees C) and the water temps very similar. Öloppet offers 3 distances with the long course event featured here being just about 40km in total distance - with 33.8km running and 5.7km of swimming spread out over 18 runs and 17 swims. The Öloppet Sprint is a total distance of 20km and the Supersprint covers a fast 7.5km total distance, both these offering perfect for those new to the sport. And most of the teams participating opted for the shorter distances. The images below were taken by Jakob Edholm - an amazing photographer who always makes it tough for me to narrow it down to 20 images, so please enjoy these images from the main 40km event.

The mixed team of Otto Söderqvist and Tova Schmidt (Team Mzungo) in action scrambling out of one of many water exits.

Team Swedish Armed Forces at the start. Daniel Hansson and Lelle Moberg have many big wins to their names but they had to settle with fourth place on this day.

There were quite a few onlookers as the race progressed. The opening run in Bratten only covers 480 meters and then the opening 1050 meter swim starts spreading folks out.

The sport is called SwimRun, but pure running is not always possible. Several races such as Öloppet also feature many climbing and scrambling sections.

Up, up and up we go, and you can see a variety of buoy and tether setups in action here.

It does not take very long for many teams to be alone with nature

Small quaint villages make for a perfect backdrop.

Calle Ekman and Cissi Ekman of Team Fun in action during the run. They ended up in 19th place in the mixed division.

Two teams battling in the water for position. The team on the left seemingly with a tether and the other one likely without.

A bit further back in the field but no less focused and driven.

This could be called a quick dip, and on this unusually warm day very refreshing.

Team West Coast with big smiles on the way to 8th place in the female division.

There was some wind, but mostly sunshine and warm temps.

And sometimes it is indeed a balancing act as Paul Jagger and Sam Andrews of team Clapham Chasers demonstrate.

Anton Rosenberg and Alexander Gertzell (Blauhorn Alpin) in action transitioning back into the water.

It is truly beautiful here.

There are a variety of techniques to get into the water, but ideally it is fast and without hesitation.

A helping hand from the SwimRun partner is always appreciated.

The winning female team of Kristin Larsson and Annike Ericsson in action, but the it was a tight race all day. At the end they won in 4:23:01 with the runner-up team in 4:24:28.

In and out of the water - over and over.

All images © Jakob Edholm / Öloppet