The Åsnes Expedition Amundsen

This past weekend 200 athletes from 10 different countries took part in the 2017 Åsnes Expedition Amundsen, a 100 km self supported ski race in the area of Norway where the famed Norseman event takes place. But here athletes tackled snow and freezing conditions and had to navigate this beautiful and difficult terrain while pulling a 40 kg sled. Images below by Kai-Otto Melau.

Alone with your thoughts and nature in a stunning environment.

The start of the event saw some fresh snow falling on the competitors. Kristian Horne who has five top 10 Norseman finishes on his resume is seen in red up front on his way to 4th place in 24 hours and 17 minutes.

Early on most of the 200 athletes were still pretty close together and full of energy.

The event can either be done as an individual or as a two member team.

Pushing up a climb in blinding conditions.

The American Alta Backcountry team of Daniel and Elaine Vardamis in pursuit of another team just ahead. The ended up finishing second in the mixed division.

A bit later Daniel and Elaine Vardamis set up camp to melt snow and get a bit of rest.

Even Hjartholm of the third placed mixed team Team Ailin og Even also set up camp and made sure his feet are fine.

Olympic rowing gold medalist Olaf Tufte on the way to second place in the men's team division with team mate Halvor Wang.

Athletes pushed on even when the light started to fade.

Simply beautiful.

Camp is set up properly for these athletes.

Lars Toensberg of the Team Brynje of Norway appears to be frozen in place.

Trygve Markset and Håvard Hanssen of Team Amundsen Sports set up camp on the way to the win in the male team division. Their time was 22 hours and 26 minutes.

The attempt by Thomas Andersen to melt ice of the skis in the middle of the event. What he did seems to have worked out well as he won the individual event in 23 hours and 7 minutes. For the 5th time apparently.

Pushing on and on to the finish.

All images © Kai-Otto Melau