A Desert Duathlon gallery

Nathan White won the 2011 Desert Classic Duathlon and Leanda Cave grabbed the women's title. Kerry Yndestad was there to capture images from this small race with an impressive Pro field.

"It was my third time coming 2nd here, but it's hard to be too disappointed. One thing I've discovered about short course races is that short course athletes like to show up. And they tend to be fast. This race always attracts a somewhat surprisingly good field, with athletes from colder locales seeking refuge in Phoenix and Tucson for the winter; this year was no exception with Maik Twielsiek, Ben Hoffman, and Pedro Gomes-all of whom were on the Ironman podium in 2010-showing up to race against locale favorite Lewis Elliott of Phoenix and eventual victor Nate White of Tucson," said runner-up Jordan Rapp.
"I'm glad to get some of the first race jitters-and mistakes-out of the way before heading to Abu Dhabi, and this was a great race to do it. Though I'd forgotten how much duathlons hurt and, apparently, also that a run->bike T1 is a bit different than swim->bike. In my case, I forgot that I'd worn a visor for the first run and put my aero helmet on over it. It took me about 1/4mi on the bike course before I realized why my helmet wasn't fitting right, but I was able to sort it out without losing much-if any-real time. Apparently, someone caught it on video. I'd promise to show it you, though I'm not sure I really want that ending up in the public domain..." *

Top men

1. Nathan White (USA)
2. Jordan Rapp (USA)
3. Lewis Elliot (USA)
4. Ben Hoffman (USA)
5. Torsten Abel (GER)

Top women

1. Leanda Cave (GBR)
2. Melanie McQuaid (CAN)
3. Christine Jeffrey (CAN)
4. Lisa Ribes (USA)
5. Laurel Wassner (USA)

All images are © Kerry Yndestad

* the video is on the slowtwitch facebook page, also courtesy of Kerry Yndestad

The bikes are ready in transition.

The Pro women seem quite jovial before the start.

The Pro men's field is quite impressive

And they are off ...

Running though fairly unique terrain

The lead men on their way to T1

Pedro Gomes was the runner-up at Ironman Florida and would be 6th on the day here.

Leanda Cave was quite in her element today.

Bec Wassner in her very distinctive Livestrong kit

Laurel Wassner gives us a case of deja vu.

Charging out of T1 to ride the 21-mile bike segment

The lead men disappearing into the distance

Leanda Cave cruising through the desert

The temps were not very warm

Jordan Rapp about to enter T2

Nathan White grabbed the win by a few seconds and for Rapp this was his third runner-up spot here

A very exhausted Nathan White catches his breath

A very happy Leanda Cave crossed the line first

A big hug for runner-up Melanie McQuaid

There clearly aren't just duathletes at the start here