Canyon Schedules 4 (with Slowtwitch) Road Shows

Slowtwitchers are familiar with our Road Shows. We’ve put on about 50 over the last 3 years, and we’ll produce some more this year. But there’s a twist for the 2019 Road Show season: Four of them will be held in partnership with Canyon Bicycles, and for at least the first one Canyon is bringing in some of its athletes and while I haven’t spoken to them what I read on the Eventbrite page is Lionel Sanders, Carrie Lester and Andrew Talansky.

This season of shows is entitled the Canyon 360 Lab Triathlon Performance Workshop. First up takes place in just under 3 weeks, Saturday, February 23rd, at the Canyon U.S. headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, in North San Diego County. The event is free, but there’s a finite amount of parking space, and there’s some food planning, so it’s by Eventbrite RSVP.

I would say these shows are supercharged by Slowtwitch but that's so last-decade. Besides, I’m a 60s era muscle car guy. So, this is the Canyon 360 Lab Triathlon Performance Workshop naturally aspirated by Slowtwitch.

How will we naturally aspirate it? With a Rochester Tri-Power, of course! (If you didn’t get out of high school by the mid 70s don’t even try to get that joke.) I will be there, as will Ian Murray, each with our fit bikes, fitting folks on a first-come, first-served basis. These fits are pursuant to your purchase of a Canyon, so, while no purchase is absolutely, positively necessary in order for us to fit you, you may get stink-eye if you don’t Canyon-up after we prescribe your ideal machine. A bunch of other brands will be there too. We’ll ping you with regular updates.

Other dates and places? The exact physical addresses, we have a pretty good idea, but we’re not ready to publish them yet (still firming them up). But the cities and dates look like this: Austin, TX on June 1st; Northern New Jersey on June 22nd; Chicago on July 13th. All Saturdays. Similar format as in Carlsbad.