Garmin Gravel Worlds Launches Pro Field, $30K Purse

Gravel cycling is gaining another professional event. This time, it’s Garmin Gravel Worlds, who announced today that they will offer a $30,000 prize purse to a field of 40 pro men and 40 pro women. Prizes will be awarded five deep, ranging from $5,000 for the win and $1,000 for fifth place.

The prize purse is sponsored by GoodLife Brands. (In disclosure, GoodLife Brands is a partner of Slowtwitch.)

The race will also be donating an equal $30,000 to what it calls “causes aligned with the gravel cycling community’s values.” Assuming a full professional field, more than half of that donation will be from individual $200 donations made to the charity of choice of each professional athlete. Each pro racer will also carry the name of their selected charity on their race number plate during the event.

In a statement, Garmin Gravel Worlds Lead Promoter Jason Strohbehn said, “Garmin Gravel Worlds has always been about more than just the race. It’s about the shared experience and camaraderie among participants, while also contributing to causes much greater than ourselves.”

Garmin Gravel Worlds celebrates its 15th year in 2024 and as usual takes place in Lincoln, Nebraska on August 23-24, 2024. You can find more information about the race here.

Photos Courtesy of Garmin Gravel Worlds