Jordan Rapp injured cycling

2:08pm update: The CHP reports it's a driver's side collision, so, the vehicle in the accident will have suffered a driver's side broken window and, possibly, body damage to the left side of the vehicle. The accident occurred at Latitude 34.18114, Longitude -119.04414, which can be located by typing coordinates here. The vehicle entered the main roadway from a short side street terminating at a strawberry farm. The accident happened at 5:40pm, the farm ceases work at 5:30pm according to Jordan's wife Jill Savege, this from conversations with the CHP. This seems to be the lead the CHP is most ardently following.

Professional triathlete Jordan Rapp was struck by a car while riding his bicycle yesterday evening. He was rushed to and remains at St. Johns Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, California.

According to his wife, Jill Savege, Rapp suffered numerous broken bones including his clavicle and scapula, as well as contusions and lacerations about the head and neck. His doctor reports, according to Savege, that Rapp lost between two and three liters of blood as a result of the accident. He remains in the intensive care unit.

The accident occurred at roughly 5:40pm on Tuesday, the 23rd of March. There were no witnesses. Broken tinted glass at the scene is consistent with a side-impact collision with a vehicle. California Highway Patrol officer Frank Paramo said the accident is "consistent with a left hand turn" made in front of an oncoming cyclist.

Rapp remains sedated and on a ventilator though doctors say, according to Savege, that a ventilator is not mandatory for Rapp to breathe. Rapp's brain function is normal, and there is no indication of nerve or spinal cord injury.

Officer Paramo suspects a commuting "farm worker" made a left-hand turn into oncoming traffic. The accident occurred at the intersection of Lewis Road and Old Lewis Road in the Los Angeles County area of Oxnard.