Triathlete charged with hit and run

Meredith Kessler, 7-time Ironman champion, reigning U.S. Pro 70.3 champion, was charged with felony hit and run, according to a story published by the local ABC TV affiliate in San Francisco, KGO.

The story says that the accident — non-fatal, but leaving the victim with significant head injury — occurred this past March.

Ironically, Kessler was herself struck in a scary accident on the bike while leading the Eagleman 70.3. Slowtwitch interviewed Kessler about that accident, which left her unconscious and with head trauma. This injury to Kessler happened after the incident reported in news article referenced above. She was poignant and transparent in her answers about the head trauma she suffered, the more compelling today when read against the backdrop of these allegations to which, according to the article reference above, Kessler has pled not guilty.

Kessler was alleged, in the story, to have been involved in the accident on the 27th of March. The article states that Kessler was on the way to the airport when the accident occurred. This would have happened immediately after her disappointing race at Ironman Melbourne, where Kessler finished 12th. That race was on the 23rd of March.

This has been a banner year for Kessler, with an Ironman win and her win at 70.3 St. George. She went on to win twice in 70.3 events after her crash while leading the Eagleman race, and is considered a top contender for the Ironman World Championship.

Meredith Kessler's husband, Aaron Kessler, told Slowtwitch, "She has been charged with a violation of the California vehicle code. On advice of counsel, we have no comment at this time as additional information regarding this matter is forthcoming."