Run images from the 2017 IM 70.3 World Championships men's race

Despite the tough undulating run course in Chattanooga we saw some very fast running times and very captivating battles for the podium. Here now are pics from the men on the run.

American Ben Kanute started the run with a nice cushion and looked pretty comfortable when we saw him.

Near the turnaround at the river Javier Gomez moved past Sebastian Kienle into second place with Kanute still well up the road.

500 meters later Kienle was already well behind Gomez, but the German was fighting hard.

Maurice Clavel had a great day and was near the front all along - ready for a shot at the podium.

Sam Appleton and Tim Don however were not far behind the German and looked relatively comfortable.

Kevin Collington reached the aid station near that run turn around ahead of Taylor Reid.

The temps were steadily rising and Brent McMahon is reaching for liquids here, but in the end he did not have the result he had wanted.

Javier Gomez had the fastest run of the day with a time of 1:10:30 and moved past Ben Kanute late to grab the win.

Ben Kanute hung tough with a 1:16:24 run to finish second. As he crossed the walking bridge the last time an age grouper attempted to keep pace.

Brit Tim Don charged onto the final podium spot with a 1:13:05 run.

Sam Appleton ran past Sebastian Kienle late to grab 4th place with a time of 1:14:41. He showed good running form here next to spectators in good drinking form.

Sebastian Kienle charged hard at the end but had to settle for 5th place. His run split 1:16:04.

Maurice Clavel also drifted back. His 1:16:38 run earned him 6th place in Chattanooga.

Many eyes had been on Andreas Dreitz but this German in the end settled for 8th place with a run split of 1:17:15.

Matt Chrabot ended up 11th after a 1:20:30 run.

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