We Noticed: Adidas, ROKA ...

This week we noticed the Pure Boost running shoes from Adidas, the ROKA Sports Maverick Pro wetsuit, the entertaining Feed Zone cook book, a clever cycling jersey from TwinSix and the Dyson Cool.

Adidas Pure Boost

The German Adidas brand does not have much traction in the world of triathlon, but that should not mean that triathletes ought to overlook them. There are a few pros who run in them and not all of them are sponsored by the 3-stripes brand. I personally switched from Asics to Adidas about a year ago and now almost run exclusively in them. I still run here and there in an Asics DS Trainer, but my go to shoe now is the Adidas Tempo Boost. I actually like all the Boost models, but they are obviously not all right for me. The Pure Boost came out in 2014 but has recently been revamped and now looks not much like the earlier edition. The comes in a variety of different colors, so you can be sure to find one pair to match your style.
MSRP: $130 (but currently $99)

ROKA Maverick Pro

ROKA Sports is fairly new to the world of swimming and triathlon, but when you look around at a race venue in North America you would not think that is the case. The brand has pushed very hard and the updated Maverick Pro wetsuit is the headliner for this company. Several professional triathletes can be seen at various events around the globe in this suit, and that includes IRONMAN racing and ITU World Triathlon series events. But it is not all about being sponsored. Speedy age grouper Rob Gray was unhappy with his swim splits, purchased a ROKA Maverick Pro before the Ultraman Florida event and subsequently was first out of the water after fun 10k of swimming. He also then held on to win the whole event and can call himself now Ultraman Champion.
MSRP: $700

The Feed Zone Table cook book

I really am not a cook book chef, but sometimes a cook book manages to win me over. The Feed Zone Table is one of those rare exceptions and the my biggest problem with this well photographed book is that I can't make my mind up what to prepare as there are simply too many intriguing choices. Biju Thomas and Allen Lim are sharing over 100 new recipes in this family oriented cook book, and it is the 3rd book in the Feed Zone series. You will find drinks, starters, sides, salads, and soups, poultry, seafood, pork, beef, lamb, and bison dishes spread out over 318 pages, plus there are various meatless main dishes too. As for my meal plans, I think the Chilled Black Bean Yogurt Soup and the Baked Chicken Parmesan With Bright & Chunky Marinara likely will find me well this week.
MSRP: $24.95

TwinSix Stars & Stripes jersey

While TwinSix folks have been sidetracked a bit and now offer a variety of bikes, they have not forgotten their core jersey and t-shirt business. They have a variety of new threads in their store but I personally am partial to this clever Stars & Stripes model. This is not a black and white photo, this is exactly what this jersey looks like and that makes it unique. It is way too easy and often results in a terrible design when simply adding red, white and blue together. Plus this black and white jersey matches black shorts much more. I love it very much and I am not even Murican.
MSRP: $85

Dyson Cool fan

I had no plans to showcase a fan in this We Noticed feature, but several folks have asked me about my pain cave setup where I have an older version of one of these air multipliers. The unit is very quiet and blows an incredible amount of cold air, and the newer one is apparently smarter, more energy efficient and powerful. The newer ones now alsop come with a remote control which my older one does not have. What has not changed however is that there are no blades, and that makes this Dyson distinctive. No chance for your kids or the adults in your household to hurt themselves when the hands come too close to the fan. What is not to like?
MSRP: $299