We Noticed: Banana ...

In this issue of What We Have Noticed you will find assorted banana hammocks - one for an actual banana and the other for a similar shaped body part, plus high visibility shoes from Giro and Zoot, the cool Shelfie bike storage project on kickstarter and an awesome promotional bottle opener product for a race promoter or your own business. Here is hoping that we are inspiring you and yours.

Biken Banana Holder

How often have you tried to take a banana along for a ride only to find it later mushed and mangled in your rear jersey pocket. This is where the Banana Holder from Biken comes to the rescue and you can mount it in a variety of locations such as handle bars, seat rails, top tube, your belt or for an avid triathlete or runner on a race belt.

For a triathlete or racing cyclist the top tube option is clearly the most aero setup.

Giro Empire ACC

It would be nice if you did not have to worry about buckles and other hi-tech closures on cycling shoes or one could argue that the simplicity of laces would allow for a more refined fit. They are sleek for sure and can be had in a variety of colors including the below featured black and hi-vis model. We have nor tried them on in person but have heard great reviews from those who have managed to spend time in them on a bike.
MSRP: $275
Sizes: 39-48
Weight: 215 grams

The Empire ACC in white and black looks quite sharp too.

Cap-A-Cooz bottle opener

It is good that many beer bottles now have twist tops but many of them still require a bottle opener. Plus if you had an opener handy you might just use it to open twist top bottles too. The Cap-A-Cooz opener is always handy as it will likely be around to hold your ice cold beverage and keep it cold and your fingers from getting frost bitten. They can be custom printed and are used by a few restaurant chains, but clearly would be a great promotional product for a race director or your own business. As we have heard often before, just getting another t-shirt does not rank high with athletes. The Cap-A-Cooz in our hands had a quality control pass test sample with it.
MSRP: starting at $7.99
Colors: endless

When turned on its side you can see the bottle opener in the Cap-A-Cooz.

Shelfie Bike storage

We posted about the Shelfie bike storage on Twitter and Facebook last week and this Kickstarter project has since reached its funding goals, but the kickstarter campaign will still run for 47 days and offers you thus the opportunity to get in early on this very nifty product. The man behind the Shelfie is J├╝rgen Beneke, a German mountain biker who had great downhill racing success in the 90s and now resides in Kingston, NY. This Shelfie is a great solution for someone who wants to display their bike in the living room or office and makes the whole thing become an artwork of sorts. Depending of course what is on it.
MSRP: $125 (well the entry level on kickstarter)
Colors: White or Grey

Zoot Ultra Tempo 6

Zoot's Ultra Tempo 6 racing shoes are trendy in that safety yellow color, but that really isn't the selling feature for these shoes, it is just a nice added benefit. Zoot calls it a guidance running shoe and it features a 10mm offset and seamless internal fit for blister free training and racing.
MSRP: $120
Sizes: 7-14

Up close with the sole of the Zoot Ultra Tempo 6 running shoe.

Budgy Smuggler

Budgy Smuggler is an Aussie brand that seems to have a great sense of humor and they work with several Pro triathletes to promote their swimwear. Budgy Smuggler also offers bottoms and tops for women and the color choices are endless including several high visibility ones. There should be an offering to suit your particular taste and style, plus word has it that you do not have to be an Aussie or from Europe to sport one of these banana hammocks.
MSRP: $41
Colors: endless
Sizes: 28" - 38" for men, 6 -16 for women

The Budgy Smuggler crew clearly travels around the world.