We Noticed: Orca, Mavic...

We noticed aero shoe covers from Orca, fancy new aero shoes from Mavic, mustached men in triathlon try to raise money again with a calendar, a Kona race viewing party in Denver thrown by sponsors of Ben Hoffman and a new big sponsor for Challenge Denmark.

Orca RS1 aero shoe covers

With the new aero RS1 shoe covers from Orca you can be just like GoPro Ironman World Champion Sebastian Kienle or fellow bike maven Andrew Starykowicz. Neither of them actually wore them in Kona, but Kienle smashed the course in them at the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany. These covers can just sit on the front of the shoes and then get pulled up when already on the bike and finished strapping on the shoe. According to Orca they save 8 watts at 40km/h or 24 seconds over the 40km distance (1:48 over the Ironman distance).
Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
Available: November 12
MSRP: $49

Mavic CXR Ultimate shoe

The Mavic CXR Ultimate is a new aero shoe that is pretty light at 260 grams and looks pretty smooth. We have no data for this shoe and smooth material all the way seems to be more beneficial, but even as it is it certainly must have lower drag numbers than a regular shoe with buckles. Add on the Speedplay aero pedals to that setup and you might really see some fine numbers.
MSRP: $399.95

2015 Men Of Triathlon calendar

Several Pro triathletes have gotten together again in honor of Movember to create a new Men Of Triathlon calendar for the new year. Jesse Thomas, Matt Lieto and the other Pro models are currently working hard on their mustaches but you can already donate money to their fundraising efforts by clicking the link in the header. Rumor also has it that Terenzo Bozzone, Tim O’Donnell, TJ Tollakson, Trevor Wurtele, Tim Reed and Callum Millward have signed up, and this year amateur triathletes can submit their pics to possibly be featured too. According to Jesse Thomas, “Any person who - 1) joins our Movember team, 2) grows a mustache, 3) raises money, and 4) submits an awesome mustache pic - will be eligible to be in the calendar.”

Ben Hoffman Kona NBC viewing party

American Ben Hoffman had a fantastic race at the 2014 GoPro Ironman World Championships this year and some of his sponsors are throwing a NBC Kona viewing party for him. Tender Belly bacon and Infinite Monkey wine await all guests plus there is a chance to hang out with interesting guests. All proceeds of the event will go towards Ben Hoffman's Men Of Triathlon Movember effort.
Date: November 15th, 10am
Where: Infinite Monkey Winery, 3200 Larimer Street, Denver, CO

Big sponsor for Challenge Denmark

SPORTMASTER is a big sporting goods chain in Denmark and they decided to partner with Challenge Denmark moving forward.

“We are experiencing a huge interest in triathlon among our costumers, and it therefore came naturally to enter a cooperation with one of the biggest in the sport, Challenge Denmark. We experience that the customers request triathlon clothes and equipment, and we want to be the ones to go to if you want the correct gear, but also if you have questions in regard to training, nutrition and the competition in itself”, said Tommy Pedersen from SPORTMASTER