What We Have Noticed: Eney Buoy ...

This week we noticed the unique Eney Buoy, new flavors from nuun, Sheila Taormina's Swim Speed Workouts, the 2013 Chariot CX stroller and the Two-Fer shirt from Endurance Conspiracy.

Eney Buoy

What: Eney Jones has an amazing swimming background and competed as a Pro triathlete from 1983-1991. She is also the brain behind the Eney Buoy, a swimming device that allows the user to adjust the buoyancy with liquid added to the 2 chambers. Mirinda Carfrae is among the many fans of this buoy that also could work for special beverage storage.
Colors: various
MSRP: $29.95
Website: eneybuoy.com

New nuun flavors

What: Lemonade, Watermelon and Cherry Limeade are the most recent additions to the nuun flavor lineup and they are all delicious. This editor though really is partial to the nuun Lemonade and with summer almost upon us in the Northern Hemisphere it is best to stock up on lemonade as we speak. And unlike the typical street side offerings the nuun version has no sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors or colors.
MSRP: $24 (four pack)
Website: nuun.com

Swim Speed workouts

What: Sheila Taormina needs no introduction, and she now shares her breakout plan for the fastest freestyle with swimmers and triathletes who need help in that arena. The Swim Speed workouts kit comes with a waterproof booklet, carrying case and deck of 75 workout and drill cards. So get on it.
MSRP: $19.97
Website: amazon.com

Chariot CX stroller

What: In our forum the baby stroller decision question comes up fairly regularly and while there are quite a few options out there, this editor has personal experience with the Chariot CX2. Yup, 2 as in a double, because of twins. But most folks though only need a single carrier and Chariot certainly has option there too. The 2013 edition of the top of the line CX actually will get disc brakes in Europe (in the USA not until 2014) and offers smooth suspension and like all Chariots can be converted from a jogger into a regular stroller, a bike trailer and even a ski trailer. Meet a Chariot owner and you are likely to meet a person who passionately speaks about it.
Colors: Blue or Burgundy
MSRP: $949.95
Website: chariotcarriers.com

Endurance Conspiracy Two-Fer

What: Not many of us would consider taking a bike to a race on the back of a motorbike, especially not on a sweet retro one. But it certainly can be done and obviously not everything that is shown on a t-shirt has to translate into reality. Either way, this lava colored Two-Fer shirt from Tony De Boom's creative mind is clearly a winner.
Sizes: S-XL
MSRP: $30
Website: enduranceconspiracy.com