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Racing in the Age of COVID: Be Flexible

: Whether an athlete or race director, the only thing certain when attempting an event during COVID-19 is that you need to keep your options open.

Kona Should Always Be the World Championship

: The counter-point to Slowman's piece last week on whether IRONMAN should rotate the site of the full-distance world championship

De-Link Kona from its Perennial WC Status

: Events have conspired to give IRONMAN its opportunity to move the WC from Kona.

Chasing Number One

: Helle Frederiksen: The Pursuit of Victory My Journey to the Top of the Triathlon World 2021 - Helle Frederiksen, Mathias Lindholm and Kollektiv Sports ApS $29.95 USA

Oops! Open Water Swimming Back on in Mass

: To ensure safety, swimming allowed only when lifeguards are off-duty. For real.

Freedom to Roam and the Massachussets Ban on OWS

: The State of Massachusetts just banned open water swimming in historically favorite swim spots

On the USAT Olympic Selection

: Was Katie Zafares the right choice? Yes. Would Taylor Spivey have been? Yup.

Unbound: Chapeau To Those Who Work and Ride

: I could not help but notice all my industry peeps riding well at Unbound Gravel.

Rethinking Polarization

: When you think about applying a polarized approach to your own training, coming at it from the standpoint of effort - of subjective and qualitative measures - offers a much simpler and practical ...

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Now In Triathlon

: The host communities of IRONMAN Lake Placid will require proof of the COVID-19 vaccine. We need to honor this.

The Year of the Bike Fitter

: Through a confluence of events, 2021 may be the year when bike fitting as a business silo flexes its muscle.

Why IRONMAN Has an Anti-Doping Program

: I don't remember where I put my car keys, but I remember why IRONMAN has an anti-doping program.

Lessons Galore in Starky's Ban

: Starky's ban for doping was righteous, but he is no doper. IRONMAN was right to ban him but, in our opinion, overreached.

Consensus, Professionalism, and Our Duty to Ourselves

: It is a single axiom that in holds up well not just for my work life, but for my life.

Gwen Jorgensen: "Make it count. Use your voice. Vote."

: "I’ve finally realized what I really need from you: for you to vote."

Was Ironman Arizona 70.3 Safe to Race?

: Here are images, and a competitor's account, of the race this past weekend held in Tempe, Arizona.

Devastation and Mercy

: The Slowtwitch Compound stands. But not by much. We're an earth exclave inside a moonscape.

Ladies of Zwift: the Unique Experiences of Women’s Cycling in a Virtual World

: Zwift has created an outstanding virtual world that still has significant barriers for its female riders.

Refuse to Accept Failure

: Our community has a unique capacity to endure; to pace, to suffer, to struggle, to prevail, and to finish. Let’s use it.

Cycling Outdoors During a Pandemic

: Is it okay to ride your bike outdoors in the Age of Covid? Here is the unequivocal answer. Yes. No. Depends.

Why Can't I Just Get a Refund? And Other Emails to RDs in the COVID-19 Era

: Race directing, often a thankless job, becomes even more difficult.

Lifestyle Calibration During a Worldwide Pandemic

: Happy talk or panic? Selfishness or stiff upper lip? How should I behave when the world shifts daily?

A ÖtillÖ Swimrun Catalina preview

: There have been SwimRun events in the USA since 2016, but this coming weekend will be a first USA ÖtillÖ World Series event. Can the Americans compete on their own turf with the Europeans?

Here's that 8:24 2-mile on a Treadmill

: Anthony Famiglietti did it again. This time for 2 miles. Triathletes, he says, "totally understand" what it is he does on a treadmill.

Message in a Bottle

: We found a bottle on the side of the road that contained a note - a glimpse of the gravitas of that thing we all choose to do.

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