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Message in a Bottle

: We found a bottle on the side of the road that contained a note - a glimpse of the gravitas of that thing we all choose to do.

Saluting Service Through Sport

: In triathlon there's a particular event devoted to veterans, and on this Veteran's Day here's to Leon's.

The PTO's Kona Gambit: Nothing or SomethingBurger?

: The Professional Triathlete's Organization sent a letter to the Wanda Group announcing its readiness for an all-cash purchase of Ironman.

The Passion Paradox: PP2 v PP1

: The Passion Paradox is certainly a book that I wish had existed when I made my living racing. I struggled throughout my career to maintain perspective, and I think that a book like this would have ...

R.I.P. Michael Rauschendorfer

: With great sadness I learned today that the amazingly gifted photographer and super kind person Michael Rauschendorfer passed away on July 18th after battling cancer.

Disclosure at the Point of Registration

: I am already planning my return to IRONMAN 70.3 racing. But I’d feel more safe if I knew what I was registering up for.

Mike Plant Has Died, But His Imprimatur Remains

: Without Mike Plant it’s doubtful you’d have ever heard of Bob Babbitt, or Mike Reilly or, for what it’s worth, me.

On Gratitude

: I was honored to learn from Mike Reilly, just prior to publication, that he mentions me in the book. And Dan calls out that mention in his review. But the exact details Mike shares are a bit off, and ...

ROAM Wasn’t Built in a Day

: Flagship brands like Wahoo gain my loyalty through values not on a feature set

Chris Stirling - you will be missed

: With great sadness we learned of the death of Chris Stirling, a passionate triathlete who was especially fond of extreme events and loved the mountains.

Planting a Rainbow Flag In the Ground

: The ITU prohibits displays of "propaganda" at its event. It added sexual orientation to the list of prohibited themes.


: In 2013 I predicted a down decade for tri (few listened), followed by a bull market starting 2019. We'll plan our future at the TBI Conference.

Interbike's Demise: For Cycling? Terrible. Triathlon? Used to it.

: Triathlon never had its own trade show anyway. Still doesn't. Still, the sport needs an annual industry conclave.

USAT to Invest Overages During 2019

: The U.S. Triathlon Federation to invest money back into sport development.

Was There a Domestique in Kona?

: And, is that okay? Here's what the rules say, and you're crazy if you think this was the first time.

Are New Cervelo and QR Websites Harbingers of Change?

: Do configurators presage changes in distribution, inventory, accounting, assembly?

The Risk Of Not Being a Triathlete

: Risk is part of our sport. What we have never talked about, to my recollection, is the risk of not being a triathlete.

Tenacity and Customer Service Can Take You Places

: Don't let "no" stop you. And, don't say "no" to your customer.

A Strategic Approach to Non Draft Races

: With Boston Tri on Ben Kanute's racing schedule this weekend, it seemed a fitting time to reflect back and share a few of the strategies he has used in other non draft events.

There is one way to become an Ironman

: You must swim 2.4mi, ride 112mi, and run 26.2mi, in the allotted time, on a course and in a race that guarantees a clean ride.

Erin Beresini: Spot On! (Wrong Year.)

: I don’t think anything you wrote is patently wrong. Just, what you wrote is about last year's TBI Conference.

Time to Tri… And a Lot More

: It’s not just Time to Tri. It’s time to think big, not small. To step out, not to retreat.

Thoughts for the Future of Triathlon

: Innovation is the name of the game post-TBI Conference. How will our mindsets, our events, and our attitudes evolve?

Winners and Losers From the 2018 TBI Conference

: The 2018 TBI Conference has ended. Who won? Who lost? It's predicated on your answer to this: were you there?

Is Triathlon Up or Down for 2018?

: For those who think anything over 300 word is tl;dr: It'll be up in the aggregate, but the median race will be flat or down.

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