An independent aero super bike test

Slowtwitch forum member Kiley Austin-Young crowd raised money to test various super bikes in the A2 Wind Tunnel with AeroCamp mavens Heath Dotson and Brian Stover. Jimmy Seear of Ventum and Dan Kennison of Premier Tactical were also there to assist and have their bikes tested. Geoff Eaker of A2 ran all the tests and slowtwitcher BryanD assisted in various ways. Bikes tested were Felt B2, Premier Tactical, Cervelo P5X, Cervelo P5/6, Diamondback Andean and Ventum One.

Each bike in the test was equipped with Enve 7.8 SES wheels and depending on brake system either the rim or disc model. Tires were 23mm Continental GrandPrix TT.

It was a long day in the saddle for Kiley Austin-Young whose screen name is Kileyay. He is however better known under the screen name PubliusValerius. He however is not just talk, he finished Ironman 70.3 Oceanside this year in 4:22:24 and that was 3rd overall amateur.

The Felt B2 of Kiley Austin-Young was used as the baseline for the test day and his bike fit data served to set up all the other bikes.

As each new bike came into the tunnel Brian Stover made sure that the bike fit and the position of Austin-Young was matched to the base Felt B2

The Premier Tactical bike of Dan Kennison was next in the tunnel and Austin-Young was fully focused on the task..

Each bike was tested first with the rider and then just by itself.

Kiley Austin-Young awaits the swap from the Premier Tactical to the Cervelo P5X.

Geoff Eaker had to use his bag of tricks to mount the Cervelo P5X onto the wind tunnel stand. But Eaker will be better prepared next time as he knows that he will likely see more thru axle disc brake bikes coming his way.

With the Cervelo P5X in place it was time for another round of testing.

With Kiley done for this session, it is time for the Cervelo P5X to be tested without a rider. The bike was loaned to this test by Inside Out Sports.

Dan Kennison, Jimmy Seear and Brian Stover hard at work setting up the Cervelo P5/6 with Kiley Austin-Young looking on.

Dan Kennison made sure the measurements matched up and Brian Stover was another set of eyes and hands.

Geoff Eaker has not been run over. He is calibrating the system as he does before each set.

Final instructions for Kiley Austin-Young before the Cervelo P5/6 testing started.

Jimmy Seear of Ventum shared some of his pics and videos with Kiley Austin-Young.

With the Diamondback Andean in place it was again time for Dan Kennison to set up the bike fit properly.

Brian Stover gives Kiley Austin-Young a head position pointer and then it was time for that round.

Kiley Austin-Young bought this Diamondback Andean but has not yet had much time on it.

Jimmy Seear of Ventum looks on as his baby is put to the test. The Ventum One was the final bike of the day.

And full throttle.

More details about the findings will be revealed in the forum. But it will take a little time to analyze and digest all that data.