Free ROAD iD with Wahoo ROAM or BOLT

Wahoo has partnered with ROAD iD to offer a free special edition, customizable wrist band that displays your emergency contact information. Now through May 14th, you will receive a ROAD iD coupon with the purchase of an ELEMNT ROAM or BOLT computer. You will only need to pay for the shipping on the WAHOO iD wrist band ($6.99).

Two iD Options

ROAD iD offers two tiers for their identification wearables.

The first tier is the wearable iD only that displays emergency contact information. The wrist is a good location for first responders to discover your information that you have engraved on the ROAD iD. Example information that you may add to your ROAD iD includes phone numbers for your family or close friends and any essential information about allergies or medical conditions for first responders.

The second tier adds an online profile where you can store additional information in the event that you cannot communicate these details to those attending to you. Not limited to the character limits on the wearable, you can store and update emergency contacts, medical history, allergies, contact information for doctors, insurance details, medications, etc. You can also upload documents that would be helpful in the event of an emergency. The online profile is $19.99/year with a free introductory period of six months. This online profile can include multiple iDs for your entire family at no additional cost.

First responders access your online profile using the website or phone number on the front and a serial number and a pin on the back of the iD.

Other Locations

If you like the idea of ROAD iD for wearable identification but you don’t like the idea of an additional wrist band, there are other options available for purchase from ROAD iD including for your watch, ankle, shoe, or neck.

I’m not a trained first responder, but my guess is that the iD on the wrist or a dog tag around the neck may be more easily discovered than on your shoe. However, any identification is better than none.

Peace of Mind

A grim topic for sure. No one wants to think about an accident while exercising that leaves you unable to communicate with first responders. However, wearing your vital information, especially any pre-existing medical conditions, may expedite first responders attending to your medical needs. Also, as you head out the door for your next ride or run, you will put your loved ones’ minds at ease knowing that you are wearing identification.

If you are in the market for a new Wahoo bike computer, why not also take advantage of this free Wahoo iD offer? It may even help justify the expense to the other person on your bank account.