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Pioneer drops price

: The company that has a cult following, largely because of the advanced metrics it produces, has just dropped the price of its 1- and 2-leg power meters.

How would you like your data?

: Grilled or deep fried? Today, your data comes to you via wrist-watch, bicycle head unit, heads-up display, audio and even vibration. Hint: look hard at audio.

The Treadmill Revolution?

: Stationary training on Slowtwitch is almost all about the bike, not the run. But 72 percent of you run on treadmills. Why is there no treadmill ecosystem?

Electronics Ecosystems

: Imagine your cardiologist noting, from 3 months of your WKO files, that atrial fibrillation tracks with moments when you're dehydrated or when you're training too hard.

Smart Trainers

: Unlike children where a precocious tendency might be a sign of intellect, there is no value in a sassy trainer.


: I thought the SNAP was a watered down version of the KICKR. After a couple months of heavy use, it's much more than that.

BSX Insight

: It's a non-intrusive, moderately-priced lactate analyzer. From stop watches to heart rate monitors to power meters, is this the next progression?

Garmin, Strava, Wahoo push forward

: Garmin released its new Edge 520, touted as the only GPS bike computer to feature Strava Live Segments. Meanwhile, Wahoo Fitness released the KICKR SNAP, a wheel-on version of the popular Wahoo KICKR.

First look at Kuai Headphones

: It's a new product. So new, it's not for sale yet. Except via a Kickstarter campaign.

Intel acquires Recon Instruments

: Recon Instruments, makers of the popular sports glass with the industry leading heads-up display and associated features, was acquired by Intel Corporation.

Polar 450

: Last week Polar revealed the little brother to their V650 cycling computer, the M450. $169.

TrainerRoad iOS Updates

: Power-match allows users with a power meter and smart trainer to have their power meter control the resistance of the smart trainer, addressing a common user complaint.

Zwift Introduces Pairing Screen

: Virtual racing improvements are coming fast and furious. Zwift now allows users to pair their smart trainer and power meter at the same time through their updated Pairing Screen.

Recon Jet in the Flesh

: It's finally here. Pre-orders of the Recon Jet are being filled. This has been one of the most anticipated releases of a sports microelectronic in recent years. How well does it work?

Pioneer drops price

: Pioneer's very highly regarded power meter has a new, aggressively low, price. The crank-based power meter will now sell for $999. (And, Quarq responds.)

Assault on Power

: Today Powertap announced two new power meters to join its very popular, and very accurate hub-based power meter.

Zwift, the end of easy rides!

: Zwift, currently in beta testing, is a new virtual racing platform that is getting a lot of talk lately on the Slowtwitch forums and with good reason.

Virtual Racing

: We review the leading virtual bike training and racing software and services: Bkool, Virtual Training, Kinomap, Tour de Giro and FulGaz.

Pioneer Power System

: Are these the most advanced cycling metrics produced by a power meter? This crank-based unit measures power every 30 degrees during a complete pedal rotation on both the left and right side.

Polar V800 first impressions

: Polar's got a lot riding on its new intro, the V800. There are pluses and minuses versus Garmin's 910xt, but overall Polar establishes a mighty platform for now and the future.

Swimovate Poolmatelive

: In my search for the all-inclusive wrist-worn device - to me the holy grail of sports watches - I've lighted on an interesting entry: this watch is most at home in the water, but almost admirably ...

Fund the Rideye

: We look at a very cool Kickstarter campaign called Rideye. This device is a small video camera and ‘blackbox’ recorder for your bicycle that can detect a crash.

Recon Jet

: The Recon Jet is the conflation of two hot ideas - a heads-up display and wearable computing - in one platform that could move forward information and safety. As of today you can order one.


: I was complaining about my iPhone case. A tall striking blonde in earshot whipped out her iPhone, and asked, "You mean a case like this?" Then she threw it down on the tile floor.

Take Your Office Out For a Spin

: The Cardo BK-1 is an intercom system connecting up to three cyclists who're out on a bike ride. But this system's side benefit is, to me, the main benefit: The ability to turn my bike into a home ...

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