Frodeno's new Canyon race bike

We spotted a brand new Canyon to be ridden by Jan Frodeno in the Ironman European Championships, and it has more than just a new paint job. When compared to his race bike from Oceanside or the gallery of Nils Frommhold's Canyon this white and black Frodeno Canyon looks steeper and more integrated. It appears to have a triathlon geometry, but we are not sure what this model is called or how close it is to production.

Jan Frodeno's new bike looks sharp and integrated, and his saddle sits further back on the post than most Speedmax CFs. The clever black and white paint scheme helps disguise the geometry.

Not only does this Fizik Tritone saddle sit more centered on the seat post, but also the cage mount is now integrated into the post.

The entire seat cluster area on this bike is filled in, similar to a Scott Plasma.

Frodeno's hand rests where his taint will be tomorrow.

The Canyon features an integrated liquid nutrition and bento box.

The liquid storage area up front comes off easily.

Here is the front end of the Canyon from a different perspective, including the SRAM electronic shifters.

A Garmin mount is also integrated into the aero liquid nutrition storage.

Frodeno will race on Speedplay Aero pedals in Frankfurt.

Speedplay Aero pedals with Frodeno's Aero Bont shoes in place.

The view of the new Canyon from behind.

Frodeno fell off his city bike recently and that is why his knee is bandaged.

Up close with the SRAM electronic rear derailleur, and what looks like a CeramicSpeed UFO chain.

All images © Karsten Täschner /