The unique Sam Gydé Dimond

Belgian hard riding triathlete Sam Gydé is now on a Dimond and he did some modifications to his frame so it can accept an internal Platypus water bladder. Here are pictures of that fast setup.

Sam Gydé's race ready Shimano and Reynolds equipped Dimond is a big attention getter.

Reynolds wheels with a 24mm Continental GP Force in the back and a 22mm Attack up front. He uses 175mm Rotor power cranks and 54/44 Rotor QXL rings.

The Dash saddle is a popular choice for many detail oriented triathletes.

Gydé stores a tube above and a repair kit below, fastened with electric tape on the carbon hold behind the saddle. The saddle is a TT9 model with the integrated carbon piece.

The Shimano Di2 junction box is also hidden on this Dimond.

The view of the Shimano Pro cockpit reveals that a liquid storage system is somewhere on the bike.

Gydé started his Dimond project with a frame set from the USA.

The outspoken Belgian wanted to add a Platypus system to his bike.

A Dremel tool and careful attention allowed him to add the bladder into the frame.

This is all you can see when looking closer at the frame.

Another perspective shows how the water hose neatly disappears into the frame.

Sam Gydé in action on his new Dimond.

Almost out of sight.