Catriona Morrison's BH Aerolight

Up close with the BH Aerolight of Catriona Morrison who currently is getting ready for the GoPro Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

The proud Scot with her fast Spanish steed.

Cat's two-wheeled weapon is BH Aerolight, size small, an UCI compliant frame, with internal routing for either mechanical or electric shifting.

The bike is set up with a PRO integrated aero bar set that is now discontinued from the line but fits her compact riding style well. She relies on Shimano's Di2 electronic shifting and we also noticed the excess sunscreen left on her aero bar pads.

A very short Shimano 60mm PRO stem helps her fit well on this bike.

Not much room to run the wires with her short extensions and she has likely gotten quite good at reading her power numbers sideways on her SRM unit.

BH uses TRP TTV brakes that hide behind the BH aero shaped fork.

TRP TTV brakes also on the rear of this bike.

A 170mm Shimano Dura-ACE SRM crank with Shimano pedals.

Cat spends many hours on Cobb's SHC saddle and not their popular triathlon model, the JOF 55. She carries two bottles and spare CO2 canisters on her XLAB Carbon Wing 400i. The rusty bolts on her saddle clamp could be from the rainy Scottish winters or the high humidity of Texas.

She uses a Shimano C75 rear wheel on all courses throughout the year instead of a disc wheel so Kona will not be an exception.

Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II tubular 22mm tires glued to her Shimano wheels.

Catriona believes her bike is wicked fast.

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