Diaa Nour's unique Ventum One

Ventum co-owner Diaa Nour is originally from Egypt and he wanted to have a bike that is a tribute to his home country. Currently at IRONMAN Texas this bike with very intricate hieroglyphs and golden details is on display in the expo there. An artist hand painted this Ventum One and what is golden there came from 24 carat gold sheets and not paint.

At a first look most folks will notice how low this bike is set up, and then all the details show up.

These beautiful hieroglyphs are even behind the Shimano Dura-Ace crank with the Pioneer power meter.

The golden detail on the chain stay are indeed from a gold sheet and not simply painted on. The KCNC titanium cassette is matched up to a Shimano Dura-Ace rear derailleur with a CeramicSpeed OSPW and a golden KCNC chain.

The Eagle of Saladin on the frame is stunning and really sticks out from any angle.

Beautiful details also on the fork.

Another angle of this custom Ventum One.

And the other side to close this out. It also shows the one-piece Dash seatpost saddle combo nicely.

If you are at IRONMAN Texas you should go and have a closer look at this bike.