Brad Kahlefeldt's Giant Trinity

Aussie Brad Kahlefeldt focuses now on middle distance events and we managed to get a hold of his Giant Trinity Advanced SL at Challenge Dubai when the 2-time Olympian returned from a training ride in the desert.

The Aussie known as Sticksy was very patient with the pesky photographer.

Kahlefeldt is 6 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds and rides a size M Giant Trinity Advanced SL.

The Di2 wiring slips into the downtube behind the hidden front brake.

Kahlefeldt has a few spacers in place to get to the desired pad height.

There was still a little liquid left in his BTA bottle in that Elte cage, and the Garmin 500 is right behind it.

We really liked this paint scheme, and here is the view from above.

Kahlefeldt rides a Mavic Cosmic CXR wheel up front with Mavic tires.

The hasty photographer somehow did not manage to capture the complete 172.5mm Shimano Dura-Ace 53/39 crankset. Sad but true. The pedals here are by the Kiwi brand Keywin.

Kahlefeldt rides an ISM Attack saddle and the tape here is not covering up a crash wound, the Aussie padded that side as he has a shorter leg on that side.

He did however ziptie the saddle rails to get it narrower.

A single XLab Gorilla cage is mounted behind the saddle.

Sticksy rides a Mavic Comete disc wheel in the back.

Yes, Kahlefeldt is a Shimano man.

The Aussie in action during the 2015 Challenge Dubai.

All images © Herbert Krabel /