A new weapon for American Heather Jackson

With the 2019 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona coming closer with giant steps we managed to take a closer look at the XS Argon 18 E 118 Tri+ race bike of American Heather Jackson. The bike features components from ENVE, Wahoo, Pioneer Cycle, ISM, 51 Speedshop, Shimano, Speedfil and IRC. In 2018 Jackson rode a 4:44:45 split on her way to 14th overall in 9:09:16, and she hopes to well improve on that.

This new Argon 18 E 118 Tri+ was just announced this week but Heather Jackson has been able to ride it for a while now. According to an Instagram post of hers, the colors and details apparently change with the air temperature. More is revealed as it gets hotter, and it is likely that Kona will deliver along those lines.

The bike looks very clean from the front and with disc brakes the frontal area look especially fast.

Heather Jackson rides ENVE SES 7/8 disc brake wheels here with 28 mm IRC Formula Pro Tubeless Light tires. Disc brakes are by Shimano.

Another look at this setup directly from the front.

A Wahoo Elemnt Bolt sits between the 51 Speedshop extensions and in front of the Speedfil BTA hydration unit. Jackson also rides with 51 Speedshop arm cups.

Jackson rides 165mm Shimano Dura-Ace cranks with a Pioneer Cycle power meter and Look Blade pedals. .

When Jackson is on the gas during the race, this is all the competition will see from her - but moving fast. And we wish her an awesome race.

All images by Eric Wynn for slowtwitch.com