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The bikes of the top ten pro women in Kona

: We have uploaded a gallery of images of the top 10 Pro women aboard their bikes.

The top ten pro men in Kona and their bikes

: Here is a closer look at the bikes on which the top 10 male Pros competed in Kona.

Trisuit Shootout Part 2: De Soto

: In Part 2 of our trisuit shootout, we take a look at DeSoto, the homegrown brand that is, 17 years later, still making clothes out of a factory in San Diego.

How Cervelo got itself another big finish

: Cervelo's owners have gotten used to seeing their athletes win unexpectedly. But this may have been the least likely victory.

Kona Bike Survey: groupkits and aero wheels

: What components and wheels did the Hawaiian Ironman athletes prefer?

The Kona count: aerobars and saddles

: Analysis of the Kona pier tally continues with our look at aerobars and saddles

Cervelo routs the field in Kona bike count

: The only question was just how badly Cervelo would put the hurt on the rest of the field. Pretty badly, in fact, but it could have been worse.

Trisuit Shootout Part 1: Kiwami

: In Part 1 of our trisuit shootout, we take a look at Kiwami, the best brand that you've probably never heard of.

Interbike 2007 Reviews: Part 1 - eSoles & Oval Concepts

: Part 1 of a series of product reviews from Interbike 2007. We cover eSoles, the custom orthotic maker, and Oval Concepts, a components manufacturer specializing in aerobars.

Companies that helped themselves

: The company is rare that pulls itself to the front of its competitive set. Several companies did that over the last year or so, and we'll credit them here.

Triathlon bikes at 2007 Interbike

: Multisport certainly has the attention of the bike industry, judging by the multitude of fabulous tri bikes on display.

A sneak peek at the fizik K1 tri saddle

: We were shown an early prototype of the fizik K1 Tri saddle at Interbike.

SRM goes wireless

: No more struggling to clean up the SRM wires on your frame as SRM is going wireless for 2008.

SRAM to acquire Zipp

: SRAM and Zipp announced that they have signed a Non-Binding Letter of Intent for SRAM to acquire Zipp.

Timex Ironman Sleek iControl™ 50-Lap

: The new Timex iControl™ watch communicates with your beloved iPod, allowing you to control your iPod right on your wrist.

2008 ZG Negative G brakes

: Lighten up your triathlon or road bike with the newest brakes from the folks at Zero Gravity

2008 USE Tula aero bars

: At Eurobike 2007 British company USE unveiled a different version of their Tula aerobars.

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