The Seven Nags

: The sponsorship tactics for the Musselman Tri could have been lifted straight from Kids as Customers, in which James McNeal classifies juvenile nagging tactics into seven major categories.

Five minutes with The Donald

: I wage battle with one of our committee members to see who can email the other fastest when we get a new entry. He's ahead, and we are both pathetic.

Three queries for a hay bale

: The website is purring. I've got a Bike Coordinator, Run Coordinator, Safety Coordinator, and probably a Coordinator Coordinator working away at raceday strategies.

RD Diary: Willy Loman, Triathlon Peddler

: Getting sponsors. Yes, the task every race director looks forward to. If, that is, your favorite word to hear is, "No." This assumes you actually get any word at all in response to your ...

RD Diary: One Million Revolutions

: I have made small in-roads toward learning what it means to serve others, but have not done as much as I should. The Musselman Triathlon is a chance to give something back. But to whom, and how?

RD Diary: Sign up now!

: We've reached an important milestone here at Musselman Headquarters. Our liability waivers are drawn up. Oh yes, and registration is now open.

RD Diary: Brick by brick

: In 1997 I entered my first triathlon in Lititz, Pennsylvania. This is the same triathlon that lost its support from the local fire department in 2002 due to an unfortunate association with Harry ...

RD Diary: Talk to Jim

: Race directors, and prospective RDs, we're starting a series on the sorts of things you'll face producing multisport events. This is a very well written diary authored by an ambitious, successful ...