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2020 IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Worlds Canceled

: Both events, which had been re-scheduled, are now called off and will return in the fall of 2021.

INSCYD the Numbers: VO2 Max

: A new recurring series, INSCYD's Sebastian Weber breaks down the science of key performance metrics and how to train them.

On Finding Your Finish Line: OK, Now What?

: The days are long and the beer is cold. Now we need to define our own finish lines.

IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships Postponed

: Kona to move to February 2021; date not determined for Taupo.

Slowtwitch's Scope of Recovery

: Swim, Bike, Run, Recover. We're taking a look at triathlon's fourth discipline over the next few weeks.

SMART Indoor Training: Setting Goals (Your "A" Race)

: We have a new holiday: Quitter’s Day. According to data analysis performed by the team at Strava, Quitter’s Day is the day that most New Year’s fitness resolutions fail. This year, we ...

SMART Indoor Training: How Do You Measure Up?

: You may have heard of SMART goal setting. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely - attributes that all goals need to have. This is the first of a handful of ...

TheMagic5 Black Magic Mirror Silver Limited Edition

: Custom-fit goggles designed to match the contours of your face.

Fun times at ÖtillÖ Swimrun Malta

: The weather conditions during the inaugural ÖtillÖ World Series Malta were tricky at times with strong winds and rain, and over 200 teams of two from all over the world got an amazing experience.

2019 US SwimRun Rankings

: We present the top five ranked SwimRun teams after a full season of the major USA events in the Mixed, Male and Female categories. And 2020 should be even more exciting with new teams coming in.

The 2019 Kona experience of Josh Amberger

: Wattie Ink's Josh Amberger crushed the swim in Kona but his race did not unfold as he would have liked and did not reflect his potential. But his Kona race report was superb and we had a chat with ...

Training Day with Jocelyn McCauley

: The woman who had Kona Queen Daniela Ryf on the ropes at IRONMAN Texas has high hopes in Kona.

Training Day with Swedish Fish Patrik Nilsson

: 5X IRONMAN winner Patrik Nilsson let us trail him for 24 hours of his final training buildup leading into Kona.

Odyssey SwimRun Les Cheneaux Islands

: Odyssey SwimRun's newest race offering took athletes to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to the Les Cheneaux Islands.

T1 by De Soto, and Our Wetsuit Logistics Problem

: Just like vacation rentals, refrigerators and spouses, your best wetsuit is out there. Finding it is the problem. (It might be a T1 by De Soto.)

Wetsuit Craftsmanship, with a Look at Orca

: Three or four companies made tri wetsuits in the 80s. First among the next generation was Orca, making wetsuits for a quarter century now.

The Wetsuit, Through My Lens

: Let’s talk about wetsuits, the one you might buy or the one you now own. Wetsuits'll make you faster, More comfortable, and safer. Or not.

Wes Hobson still gets love after all these years

: Wes Hobson retired from racing as a professional triathlete in 2001, and he however might be best known for the CLIF Bar swim start simulation ad that still is shared very frequently and gets great ...

2018 US SwimRun Rankings

: A comprehensive ranking of US based swimrun athletes from 2018.

And yes, Mr. Jackson is for real

: Steve Jackson races for the Every Man Jack team and he recently grabbed the overall win at Ironman Florida - a race he was actually not meant to do.

Navigating racing, training and body shaming

: Jennifer Spieldenner grabbed an Ironman title during her first attempt at that distance in Louisville, and she is thrilled about that title. But it has not been an easy path.

Photo Gallery - IGNITE SwimRun Virginia

: For the third year in a row, swimrun took to the James River and trails in Richmond, Virginia.

46:29 - finally that Kona swim record for Jan Sibbersen

: German Jan Sibbersen has made a few attempts to grab the Kona swim record and this year it finally happened. We chatted with him about how he prepared for the big day.

The Trials and Tribulations of Richard Murray

: South Africa's Richard Murray is a familiar face on the international triathlon circuit and he talks about his past and future in this film.

Consecutive Breaths for Comfort and Confidence

: Slowman leaves the reservation for a primer on swim technique.
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