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Zwift Academy Tri Evolves With New Partners

: New key partners also see changes in the focus of the ZA Tri program.

The Importance of Two Day IM World Championships

: As the racing across both professional and age group fields have shown us, giving women their own day to shine is a benefit to our sport

Watts Up in Watopia: ZA Tri at Kona

: Congratulations to Zwift Academy Tri

Finally, Kona

: We are all stewards of what we love.

Stunning Scenes From 4th Annual Odyssey Orcas Island

: In addition to the 2-person team format, the race now offers a solo division for individuals, in both a long course and short course offerings.

The Garmin Forerunner 255S Is a Mighty Watch in a Mini Package

: The Forerunner 255S is a full-featured multisport watch in one of Garmin’s smallest sizes

Year Two in the Wasatch

: We go behind-the-scenes of the recent second annual Wasatch All-Road Bicycle Race.

Final Week! Guppy Week-12

: Here's the final week's workouts, and how the author approaches his annual early-season reintro to swimming fitness.

The Norseman 2022 Recap

: We hand the reigns over to Tim Hola, who raced Norseman this year.

Custom Workouts Come to FORM

: Got a workout, or want to modify one of FORM's? Now you can.

Long-Term Review: FORM Swim

: Hundreds of thousands of yards later, how does FORM's smart swim system hold up?

What is Body Rotation in Freestyle?

: It seems like body rotation has been with us forever in swimming, but this focus is relatively new.

Gear Check: All the Things You Need for a Norseman Start

: Race day is tomorrow, and our athlete and our support wagon are completely packed.

Tim Hola's Norseman Challenging Ventum NS1 with 12 Speed Shimano

: A brand new Shimano drivetrain highlights the road bike taking Tim Hola through 112 miles of fun.

Norseman 2.0 with Slowtwitch Media House’s Tim Hola

: We're going back to one of the toughest races in the world.

Visualization, Emulation, Relaxation

: This is Week-9 of the Guppy Challenge, in partnership with FORM goggles, and we're nearing the clubhouse turn!

Catching up with Justin "Big Metz" Metzler

: Metzler has become a rising star in triathlon over the last couple of years. We talk about his journey and how he has gotten to where he is today.

Every Swim Workout is a Race... Not!

: You can get fast in the water without burning matches every workout.

Debunked Swim Mythology

: Some swim wisdom from your youth turns out not to have been that wise.

Swimming Isn't Intuitive

: It's Guppy Week-6. After this week we'll commence the second half of this Challenge.

Swim Paraphernalia for Guppies

: Some people bring truckloads of implements to their pool session; others bring goggles and call it good.

The High Elbows of Good Swimmers (Guppy Week 4)

: Our swim video analysis forum thread is up. Let's break down your mechanics and fix your stroke.

Suunto 9 Peak Packs Performance and Style in a Compact Package

: The Suunto 9 Peak is the best looking all-around multisport watch out there

Diving Into Mayhem: Race Swim Tips

: In our latest installment from our resident WTCS pro, we look at swim starts and getting over some open water fears.
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