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Guppy Challenge Returns!

: Begins June 6th, with changes in this swim challenge from past editions.

FORM Launches Training Plans

: The feature launches with more than 20 different training plans, including seven for triathlon.

Open Water Swimming with FORM

: If you've struggled with pace in open water, this could be the key.

Swim Workouts From FORM

: If you're struggling in the water, you might be able to find some improvement here.

Watts Up in Watopia: Tri World Championships

: Abstract: Go 2021 Zwift Academy Tri Team!

Getting Started with FORM Goggles

: Introducing a new series on making your swims faster, and being able to analyze your data.

How I Chose My sailfish Wetsuit

: The top of the line sailfish is very nice. But the third from the top, half the price, is very compelling.

Prepping for Open-Water Season

: It's time to start thinking about the transition from pool fitness to outdoor speed.

How Today's Wetsuits Fit

: Size charts are often unreliable determiners of fit. Here are some tips.

Quintana Roo Honors its Wetsuit Roots

: This brand's new wetsuits are underpinned by two revolutionary ideas: unisex sizing, and fair pricing.

Up Close with Josh Amberger

: Josh Amberger is getting ready for the 2022 season with high hopes and great confidence and we had a chat with him about racing, gravel bike packing, bunya nuts and much more.

The Swim Goggles You Choose

: In 2013 half of you chose TYR or Aqua Sphere. Today, not so much. There are new kids on the block.

Garmin Epix & fenix 7: Style, Battery Life, and an Amazing Screen

: Garmin released two top-tier multisport watches: an update to its long-discontinued Epix and the next generation fenix series.

On Swimming: Practice Fast to Race Fast

: Add a little intensity to your swims.

Wahoo RIVAL Gets Native Stryd Support… And More

: Wahoo adds more new features to its ELEMNT RIVAL toward making the RIVAL the most feature-rich sport watch available at its price point

Swimrunning Around Mackinac Island

: The island without cars (only bikes and horses) is an amphibious athletes' paradise.

The Micro Community

: If you are reading this, you belong in the endurance community family.

The Island Hopping Adventure through Maine’s Casco Bay Islands

: The adventure of swimrun makes it’s return to Maine’s charming chain of islands.

555 Athletes Came to ÖtillÖ Swimrun Gothenburg

: The ÖtillÖ crew added a new race race to their lineup of events and 555 athletes heard the call and accepted the challenge in 3 unique race distances on the West Coast of Sweden.

The Newly Built Specialized S-Works Shiv of Bradley Weiss

: Meet the new ride of two-time XTERRA World Champion Braley Weiss.

Scenes of IRONMAN Lake Placid

: The long-standing event didn't disappoint in its return from COVID-19 hiatus.

Exiting Your Wetsuit

: Pros get out of a fullsuit in 8 seconds. The Average Joe? About 35 seconds. How about we get it down to 20 seconds?

Put Your Wetsuit On Right (It's a Big Deal)

: Your in-race swim performance starts well before the starting horn sounds.

In Praise of the Fullsuit

: Here's our guide on how to wrangle a fullsuit which is (protestations notwithstanding) always the fastest choice!
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