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This Bike Tinkerer's Toolset

: I'm not a bike mechanic by trade or training, but I assemble and work on all my own bikes. Here are the tools I (and you) need for the job.

How Superbikes Fit (It's the Front End!)

: There is geometric orthodoxy among tri bikes frames. But not among their aerobars.

The Specialized S-Works SHIV of Tim Don

: Tim Don set the Ironman brand record of 7:40:23 at Ironman Brazil, highlighted by a 4:06:56 bike split.

STAC Performance Virtual Wind Tunnel

: Marrying state-of-art gaming tech with CFD, here's a company that brought a wind tunnel into my garage.

Triathlon Bikes in the Age of Peak Aero

: The much anticipated results of the comparative wind tunnel comparing several of the industry’s best new triathlon bicycles are here.

Kanute's Alcatraz Winning Bike and Run Power Files

: Ben Kanute blitzed the hilly Alcatraz bike and run courses on Sunday to win one of triathlon's classic races, contested without a swim leg.

Small-wheel Bikes: Let’s Get Down To It

: Riders shorter than 5'5" who have experience riding both wheel sizes are twice as likely to prefer road or tri bike wheels made 650c wheels.

Use of the Altium i10 for Intermittent Hypoxic Training

: Long-time altitude resident and Slowtwitch Winter Sports Editor Jon Schafer and I put the Altium i10 through its paces to see what we could - and could not - learn about the promises it makes about ...

The Plasma Gets a Prescriber

: A great, Kona-winning tri bike not as popular with consumers as with pros. Why? The lack of a pathway to purchase? That objection is now gone.

1x Best Practices

: SRAM repurposed a pair of shelved technologies, brilliantly displayed their relevancy, and transformed the landscape of cycling. Here's how best to use this tech.

Bragi Dash: How Much Can a Pair of Headphones Do?

: Bragi's Dash occupies an interesting niche in the market. It takes a whole bunch of things people use - activity tracker, music player, Bluetooth headset - and wraps them all together in a totally ...

1x Set-Ups: Volume 2

: More single-ringers! Look inside for some real muscle bikes. Some of the owners of the bikes herein don’t ascribe to the use of the X-SYNC rings.

1x Set-Ups: Volume 1

: Here is the first of several photo galleries of Slowtwitchers who’ve eschewed polyringamy for the monoring.

Yaw Angles in Cycling: Part 2

: Gusts increase the yaw seen by a rider, making it important to understand the transient effect of winds.

Friction Wars on the Horizon?

: Two years ago drivetrain friction was on low burn. All of a sudden it’s a hot topic.

Let's Talk About Power

: Join us to discuss the benefits of training and racing with power in triathlon. Hosted by Slowtwitch contributor Eric Lagerstrom.

A Better, Cheaper Race-Ready Chain?

: A faster, smoother chain, that will last twice as long, will hand watts back to its owner, and cost very little more than a stock chain? Perhaps so.

The Shrug, and Other Free Speed

: Buying bike speed eventually gets pricey. What speed is available without spending any money or getting any fitter?

Garmin Varia Radar: Garmin Varia Suite Part 2

: Garmin's Varia Radar offers clearly and effectively presented information about vehicles behind you. The taillight aspect of the system, however, falls well short of being bright enough, especially ...

LG Gennix and Steering Torque

: It's one example of steering torque considered when designing a bike; and what Lionel Sanders says about his bike's handling.

The Strava Kona numbers of Patrick Lange

: German Patrick Lange finished 3rd in Kona with a course record breaking 2:39:45 run. Here now are his Strava numbers from that memorable day.

Disc and Rim Brake Aero Drag

: Are disc brake bikes less aero? Here are wind tunnel results. (You might be surprised.)

HED and the P5X

: How and where the Cervelo P5X frame came to be made is as compelling a story as the bike itself.

Argon's Smart Bike

: Here you go, what you've been waiting for: a Siri experience with your bike.

HIA Velo: The Future?

: Systems and channels, not products, are what have animated me lately. Will HIA Velo be a success? It’s not what it is, but what it could be.

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