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Tubeless Sealant Tips and Strategy

: We dive into tips and tricks specific to tubeless tire sealant. How do you use it or remove it? How often must you add it? What are the best brands?

Airline Bike Box Fees 2019

: Several airlines have reduced or changed their fees for flying with a bicycle, and we investigated the policies for the major carriers.

Tubed and Tubeless Cross-Pollination

: Our Tech Editor explains the differences and commonalities between tubeless and tube-type wheels and tires.

Road cycling shoe design philosophy with Giro

: We interview Eric Horton, Director of Design at Giro, to learn about their design philosophy and tech in cycling shoes.

The Preparer

: This amorphous specialist is sometimes the difference between winning or not; finishing or not; sometimes even starting or not.

Profile Design Takes FLYT

: I described PD's FLYT system last year. But now we're at one of those rubber-meets-road moments.

Tech Series: Optimizing Brake Performance – Part 2

: We continue with our investigation of brake performance for rim brakes and disc brakes, with input from industry experts.

Tech Series: Optimizing Brake Performance – Part 1

: We uncover ways that the average triathlete can keep their brakes in top shape, for all brake types and rim materials.

650c and the Future of Wheel Sizes

: We look into current wheel size offerings to find out where we came from, where we're going, and why things have changed.

Internal Gears and Belt Drive – In Your Future?

: We investigate two technologies and their application to triathlon - internal gears and belt drive. Could these be the next aero frontier?

Past and Future of Carbon - Part 2

: Enjoy Part 2 of our series on the evolution of carbon fiber and its application to our bikes. What specific parts are best made from this miracle material?

Past and Future of Carbon Fiber

: In this two-part series, we investigate the applications of carbon fiber over the past 30 years. Have we come as far as we imagined?

Which Bike Brand Won the Kona Count?

: Year over year? Canyon by a nose (cone). I’ll explain my methodology below.

Cody Beals' Winning Ride

: Canadian Cody Beals is two wins in two attempts in IRONMAN races aboard his Ventum One.

The Small Cog Conundrum

: We discuss the growing trend for 9 and 10-tooth cassette cogs, the problems they introduce, and easy solutions to keep you riding happily.

Tire Sealant 2018 Update

: We take a fresh look at tire sealants in 2018. Have they developed like we imagined? How do they apply to your needs and your tires? Read on.

Disc Brake Primer - Part 2

: This is the second segment of our basic primer on disc brakes for road and triathlon. We dive in to specifics for travel, storage, tools, and more.

Disc Brake Primer - Part 1

: We cover the basics of disc brakes for road and tri. What can you expect? Do they perform well? How must your maintenance routine change?

When Craft Gave Way to Engineering

: I left bike manufacturing in 1999, not a moment too soon. When I started it was hobby-plus. When I exited, it was an industry.

Building a Road Plus Gravel Bike

: We detail the ins and outs of building your very own gravel or “Road Plus” bike. Is it all gravy, or are there still some kinks to be worked out?

Great (Good, At Least?) Minds Think Alike

: One great way to know you’re onto something is if some other smart guy comes to the same conclusion.

The Frame Material Debate

: We investigate the debate of frame materials, and whether there is any future for materials other than carbon fiber. Can steel survive?

What is Road Plus?

: We investigate the relatively new concept of Road Plus. Is it cyclocross? Gravel? Something else? Let's explore - pun intended.

1x Reconsidered

: Our Tech Editor takes a look at 1x drivetrains and discusses how his feelings towards them have evolved over time. Are they for you?

Are Pedals the Place For Power Meters? Maybe

: The pedal makes sense because it’s portable across bikes. But there’s more to consider.

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