's training log goes live

Do you ever wish that the place you went to read the latest triathlon news and debate the merits of the latest aero goodie was also the place you kept track of your workouts? Well, we do too. And so, after a long period of beta testing, kicking tires, taking pulses, and consulting entrails, we are to announce the newest addition to the Slowtwitch family, our workout training log at

The software is the product of a lot of hard work by developer Petter Ivmark, whose Ugomo platform powers the log, and by the rest of the development team. With our training log you can plan and log your workouts, track your fitness goals, and intimidate your fellow age-groupers who dare to view your data. You can also create or find running routes, biking routes or hiking routes with the route sharing feature. Show off your favorite trails and roads or send your competition on a wild goose chase right before a race.

Though primarily intended for triathletes, our log is perfect for runners, bikers, hikers, pogo-stick enthusiasts, and other endurance athletes that want to monitor their workouts and their progress from week to week, month to month, and year to year.

As with all features, the log is 100% free to use; all you need to do is visit our forum and sign up for a account, which also gives you full access to our forum, the ideal place to find training partners or get feedback on your workouts, equipment, and routes.

For a more complete walkthrough, please take a moment to visit the log and click on the view demo link.