In a winter training camp with Andi Böcherer

German Pro Andi Böcherer spent two weeks in a winter training camp on Fuerteventura and here are impressions and details from those two weeks. Böcherer stayed in the Playitas Resort and logged 1,115 cycling km with 17,312 meters of elevation gain, and 173 running km with 3,555 meters of elevation gain. He also swam 28 km of in that 2 week time frame.

"As a professional I really wanted to get going again after that injury related Kona miss. It is helpful then to have the ideal conditions and full concentration on swimming, cycling, running, strength training, eating and sleeping," explained Andi Böcherer when asked why this camp was relatively early. "I would however not recommend age groupers doing such an early training camp. Because as soon as you return home [Northern Europe] you have to deal with darkness, bad weather and other obligations. That takes away from the charm of an earky training camp fast, plus it is easy to get sick."

Andi Böcherer in the pool at Playitas and this whole facility is heaven for triathletes who want to get away and train uninterrupted.

There are plenty of climbs to be done on Fuerteventura and the wind is always willing to assist in making those training sessions hard.

Up, up and up and not much traffic to contend with. But athletes still have to be careful.

There was also plenty of core and strength training in addition to cycling, running, swimming, eating and sleeping.

Back in the pool with the sun in the sky and a few onlookers on deck.

The pool at Playitas.

Böcherer aboard his Cube road bike.

A quick stop before the ride continues.

Böcherer said that on the last day of camp he no longer tries to have a monster session. He especially tries to avoid those 200 km bike outings to soak up as much sun as possible.

But it is not just hanging out either. Moderation is the key.

After the camp Böcherer takes it relatively easy and tries to get much sleep and eat well. Plus for him it is now mostly about staying healthy and spending time with the family.

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