100/100 Challenge for the 2017/18 Season

We do this every year and as always it will begin on December 15th upcoming. And we get shite for it every year; mostly because people (it is supposed) should not be encouraged to run every day for 100 days. But that’s not precisely what we do in this annual trackable “Challenge” in which hundreds of Slowtwitchers formally take part and who knows how many informally take part.

It’s a way to move from Fall to Spring having gotten better, not worse, at your run, with the aid of hundreds or thousands of your fellow virtual training partners.

There's two kinds of people, says the protagonist in my favorite movie, them goin' somewhere and them goin' nowhere. The 100/100 is a virtual bet. A dare. A wager. It’s a lot of people spending 100 days going somewhere, when the easiest place to go in the cold, dark winter is nowhere.

You sign up here. We give prizes away at the end and during that time you’re trying for the Gold standard (100 runs in 100 days), or Silver or Bronze and if what you manage is 60 runs, that’s pretty good! (I think 60-something is my best.)

We have rules for this, which we'll post in a sticky thread as the date approaches (what constitutes a "run"; what constitutes two runs - how far apart runs can be and not still be the same run - whether you can do it in a treadmill, on an elliptical, and so forth). We'll argue about that, which we do on the grievances thread set up today for that specific purpose.