100/100: How to Log Workouts

Our 100/100 Run Challenge starts today! How do you log a workout if you're entered in this Challenge? We have some new participants, naive to the process, and this question has come up.

The engine for this Challenge is our Training Log. We have a no-charge Training Log, nothing special about it, but this Challenge pulls conforming workouts from the Training Log and appends them to a "Leaderboard." Let me explain how this works, and where you find it all.

First, of course, you need to find the Training Log. Easiest way is via the blue navbar that runs across the top of just about every Slowtwitch page. You'll see "Training" and if you hover over it you'll see Training Log. Click that.

If you're reading from a handheld or tablet you don't see that blue navbar. You instead see 3 horizontal blue lines on the upper right of your screen. Click there, and this will turn down the menu with all these topics. You'll click a "+" next to Training and that turns down the options under the Training tab, including the Training Log.

In the image above you'll see the screen that you arrive at when you navigate to our Training Log. You can see where the active Challenges sit, including the current 100/100 Challenge. If you see "Enroll" it means you're not in it. If you see "Leave" it means you're enrolled, and you click Leave to exit the Challenge.

You'll note two ways you can make an entry. One is, you just log the workout, by hand. In this case you click Log a Workout and the screen below appears. It's pretty intuitive.

The other way is use some sort of smart device or app that you have configured to your STRAVA account. You'll see next to Log Workout the option to Connect with STRAVA. If you choose this, you'll migrate to our STRAVA connection page, and a blue button near the bottom of that page tells you to SYNCHRONIZE. This pulls your STRAVA data down to our Log, and then from our Log conforming workouts append to the 100/100 Challenge Leaderboard.

Me? I use a blend of both. If I run in Zwift, that syncs up to STRAVA automatically, and then this process just described syncs it back down to the Log and to the Challenge. If i just go out and run, with a typical watch, I'll click Log a Workout, type in the distance of the run and the time, and any notes.

Sometimes I break into the Zwift workout by "editing" the workout as it appear on our Training Log to enter a note (the Zwift workout doesn't deliver to our Training Log certain fields, such as, "fastest 5k," and I may want to add this to the workout file).

If you're on our main Training Log "Home" page (a couple of images up) you'll see along the top Home - Activities - Challenges - Gear - Weight. If you choose Activities you'll see everything you've done. If you don't see the whole list of your recent workouts, you can change the view (table, calendar, chart/graphs). Just change to a table and you'll see the workouts you performed. Click on the one where you want to add a note, or change a field.

If you look above, you'll see what the Leaderboard looks like for the 100/100. This is a screenshot from a prior year's Challenge, a couple of days before the launch. If you click Challenges from the Training Log's main page, and you then click "Older Challenges" you'll see the results from last year's Challenge, which was a humdinger!

Finally, we will have some giveaways and other stuff. One which we'll start pretty soon involves our Tech Ts, the artwork of which is above (this is the men's version; there is a women's version as well).

If you're a Zwifter, you probably know Slowtwitch has a team cycling kit. We also have a team run kit and this is it. You get yourself into our kit by typing P on your keyboard when "in game", that is, when you're logged onto Zwift and either running or cycling.

Up pops a dialogue box and you type in SLOWTWITCH and, poof, you're in our kit, both run and bike. If you do that, and I see you in our run kit in Zwift, I may well want to make sure you in our Tech T when actually (not just virtually) running. I'll ask for you in our Reader Forum (using your Zwift handle), so, keep a watch out, in that 100/100 sticky thread.

There may be more how-to stuff I'll need to write, such as, how to get yourself into a Slowtwitch kit if you don't have Zwift loaded onto a computer that has a keyboard. (I haven't figured that out yet.) When I aggregate enough new questions that need answers, I'll write a follow-up.