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Math of Tangents

: Without thinking, some of the athletes taking the outside line put themselves at a disadvantage by running further. Over a common race course with turns, taking the outside line can make quite a ...

Mad calf disease

: This you can't sidestep by eschewing beef. The "cure" is to avoid age and, if age avoidance is the remedy, the disease is preferable. What's this run-induced calf malady so many oldsters contract?

The softer side of running

: Fall is the season for trail running and racing. After a long and exciting summer of Triathlon training and racing it is easy to feel "burned out." Try signing up for a trail running race and see ...

How to Kill—Your 10k PR

: I believe just about every reasonably fit male the age of 45 has the theoretical physiological capacity to run his age for a 10k, that is, a 10k in 45 minutes.

Interval Training the Hitchcock way

: After a base of solid distance running has been established, a runner can add interval training to complete the elements needed for optimal racing fitness.

Running long for improved performance

: It is true that runners well below their maximum training load can increase any aspect of their training––including doing more slow and steady running––and see improved racing results.

Run injury free

: Take care of yourself, and don't get pushed around by anybody who sells you anything that goes on your feet.

Technical aspects of running

: Perhaps (I thought as I ran) it would be good to write about the technical side of running.

It's the principle that matters

: Every once in awhile there will be a good running coach who will have some success. This will seem like the way to do things, until the next System is discovered.