What do I do with my hands while swimming?

: It seems like a simple question. Yet, I am surprised by how many people don’t quite know what to do with their hands either underwater on the pull or above water on the recovery. For both parts of ...

Training for Norseman

: Tim DeBoom is about 10 days away from his departure to Norway where he is competing in 2011 Norseman race. Eric Wynn captured video of DeBoom preparing for this epic event.

How To Pull Underwater

: There are huge differences in how you can pull underwater with your arm; differences in power and differences in frontal drag. But, like so many aspects of swimming technique, the underwater pull ...

Your Best Freestyle Technique

: Gary Hall, Sr., demonstrates, and explains, hip- versus shoulder-driven freestyle. Which technique is best for you? One, the other, or something in between?