The New Slowtwitch Training Log

Back in late 2008, we wooed all of you with the launch of our first training log. Unfortunately, starting in early 2013, we lost the key developer of the log to a full-time gig that prevented him from making the sort of consistent updates that a training log needs to stay relevant. After trying - and failing - a few times to find someone to update the code, we finally settled on the fact that we'd need a new log. And I'm proud to announce that new log is now live.

The new log current lives at Through the end of this week, we will continue to accept workouts into the old log. But as of Sunday, Dec 25, we are shutting it down. However, we will be porting all of the old data from the old log into the new log. This was one of our requirements for the new log. We asked all of you to trust us with your data, and we intend to honor that trust. So whatever you have, it will be saved. For now, though, you can continue to find the old log at Starting next week, both and will both point to the new training log. If you use the link under the TRAINING heading on the navbar above, you will see that now points to the new log.

I wrote this on the original training log announcement, and it seemed clever enough to repurpose here. Though primarily intended for triathletes, our log is perfect for runners, bikers, hikers, pogo-stick enthusiasts, and other endurance athletes that want to monitor their workouts and their progress from week to week, month to month, and year to year.

As with all features, the log is 100% free to use; all you need to do is visit our forum and sign up for a account, which also gives you full access to our forum, the ideal place to find training partners or get feedback on your workouts, equipment, and routes.

The new log comes from an avid forum user and all around awesome developer, Eric Jensen. This represents a decade-long project for Eric, and we are glad to be the home of his fantastic project. Eric has been involved in both endurance sports and the IT world for several decades. In 2006, his desire to track his exercise habits lead him to create the first incarnation of the Exercise Log. Now, 10 years have passed, many enhancements have been made, 4,500 of his own workouts have been logged, and an opportunity to share the project with the community at large has appeared.

Future plans include fully integrating with Strava, Garmin, and Suunto devices, as well as ongoing enhancements to reporting, graphing, and community features. If you have questions, please post them in the Official New Log.Slowtwitch.Com Training Log Thread.

Lastly, the new training log does support Challenges. The 100/100 is up and running on the new log. So join there please. We will work to port over all your old runs from the beginning of this year's 100/100, so don't worry. Thanks to all who have been patient with us. We believe the new log will give new reasons to keep logging your training here.