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Michael Hanna

1510 E 9th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80218
Phone: 303 585 1879


Education: Graduate science or exercise-science degree, Undergrad science or exercise-science degree
Certifications: USA Cycling level 1, USAT level 1
Services: Local bike fitting, Online coaching, Regular track or group run workouts in person, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: Vie Vie Racing

Endurance Coaching and Applied Sports Science Consulting.

Coaching Philosophy...

The marriage of science and coaching.

Science and coaching can be a difficult marriage, but it is an essential marriage to move from just riding your bike to riding your bike to win!

The knowledge of how the body adapts to stress, over training, environmental factors, diet, hydration, biomechanics, the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, are important elements in the science and physiology of training.

More importantly in coaching and training is the coach and athletes ability to engage in a scientific process. The scientific process is the process by which you ask a question, design an intervention (in this case, a training program), create a hypothesis (for example, the athlete will perform their best in their next race), and then measure and collect data. If the data suggests all is on track, then the coach and athlete continues. If it suggests the athlete is not adapting, then the plan is changed, and a new intervention begun.

This is science, this is coaching...this is using a scientific and thoughtful approach to coaching. Coaching is measuring the athlete's response to training, and then adapting the training to maximize the response and requires the same system of thinking of a scientist trying to solve a problem, and that is why the best coaches use a scientific approach.

The approach above is the approach I bring to all my athletes!

Please contact me if you have an questions.

Michael Hanna, MS
303 585 1879
Rates & Fees: Please contact Michael for rates and fees.
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