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Nathan Rogut

1740 Richard Petty Blvd.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
Phone: 386.492.5948


Education: None
Certifications: None
Services: Local bike fitting, Online coaching

General Info

General Info: Nathan has been in the cycling world since 1989. He was introduced to cycling by his father who was a USA Cycling official and got him into racing at a very young age. It was not long after that he was racing full time for the US National Team winning numerous national and international titles. Nathan has worked in every aspect of the industry, from being a full time professional cyclist, team mechanic, manager, director of cycling teams, coach, and event promoter, to working for numerous bike shops and distributors, Nathan?s background in cycling is impossible to place in a single category. It is his knowledge in all of these areas that make him such a valuable asset to the sport. He enjoys watching the athletes he works with excel in areas that they never believed they could. By using the extensive knowledge that he has he can help athletes reach and supersede their goals. He has a desire to share his knowledge with the community and to grow the sport of cycling at large through everything that GG Events does.
Rates & Fees: We have four levels of coaching options from $100-$400/month. The details and price for each are listed below. There are special junior rates for those under 18yrs. If you have interest in personal coaching please send us an email Training Camps Offered: GG Events Management promotes cycling related events, clinics, seminars and classes designed to increase people?s knowledge of cycling and sport. We offer clinics covering technical skills, race tactics, triathlons, group/pack skills, and so on, as well as hold seminars and talks on everything from women?s specifics to how to maintain your own bike. We also promote cycling races throughout the year, offering opportunities to put your skills to work, as well as offering our promotion services for you or your clubs? event!
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