Triathlon Coaches


Mark Van Akkeren

34th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Phone: 512-293-5529


Education: Undergrad degree
Certifications: None
Services: Local bike fitting, One-on-one swim instruction on pool deck, Online coaching, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: I appreciate working with intrinsically motivated athletes seeking their best performances.

I work on a very holistic platform balancing life, work, social, family and sport goals. I believe that to become the best athlete that you must touch upon all aspects of the fitness spectrum at all times. I've had the privilege of assisting 31 Kona qualifiers since 2008 with five of them landing in the top 10 and three of them on the podium at the Big Island dance. However speed is not what I seek in an athlete. It's drive, desire and motivation. The want to succeed, improve, and learn. These are the ideal characteristics of a high performing athlete.

I don't promise specific results but do promise a methodology that has produced significant results in the past and continues to evolve with the latest understandings in exercise science.

Power/Pace - lactate testing - objective benchmarking

Testimonials here: http://trimarkyv.blogspot.de/2013/04/results-certified.html

I'm currently caping myself at 8 athletes due in part to my moving away from coaching as my full time gig.
Rates & Fees: 2018 rates

$400 month
Training Camps Offered: Camps have become a bit random but still put them together once in awhile. 5-8 days in length on site with me and fellow MVA Racing athletes.

2012 Spring Camp Tucson
2013 Spring Camp Maui
2014 Spring Camp San Luis Obispo
2015 Spring Camp Santa Rosa
2018 Spring Camp Cambria, CA

At camp technical proficiency is emphasized with swim/run in addition to a good overall dose of work in all three. Also I observe your overall athletic "hygiene"... basically how you conduct yourself between sessions and recovery, nutrition, etc.
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