Triathlon Coaches


Jeff Lukich

Robert Toombs Ave.
Washington, Georgia 30673
Phone: 706-318-2116


Education: Undergrad degree
Certifications: USA Cycling level 2, USAT level 1, USATF level 1
Services: Online coaching, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: Coaching since 2012, Jeff Lukich is an experienced endurance coach who specializes in coaching long-course triathletes, ultra runners, and marathoners, as well as cyclists and athletes with unique events, such as double Ironman, staged races, SwimRun events, etc. Additionally, Jeff supports athletes who have specific goals around eRacing. Jeff is also Training Peaks power certified.
Rates & Fees: Jeff offers full service, customized coaching and training plans for whatever your goals might be. Individualized attention and communication is an important part of Jeff's coaching philosophy.

Coaching Rates: 249$ - 299$
Training Camps Offered: Currently Jeff does not offer training camps.
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