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Chip Beard

2877 W. Walnut St.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
Phone: 479-659-2886


Education: None
Certifications: USAT level 1
Services: Local bike fitting, One-on-one swim instruction on pool deck, Online coaching, Regular group swim workouts on pool deck, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: Mission Statement

Living Optimal Health and Fitness Through Multisport

Through the highest standard of dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced coaching we provide triathlon camps, clinics, seminars, group training sessions, and personal coaching to help you achieve your goals, enrich your life, strive for excellence, and work towards optimal health and fitness. We believe in hard work, dedication, integrity, commitment, challenge, and balance in training for and competing in endurance sports as we follow the GPP philosophy of fitness. We believe in multi-dimensional athleticism, we believe in community, we believe in family, we believe in conquering our fears and doing it with power.

Philosophy: GPP Endurance is secondary to GPP Fitness and does not replace or supersede the benefits and training provided by following GPP Fitness. GPP Endurance provides professional, certified coaching to guide athletes to their individual goals in multisport and endurance racing, built on the philosophy of GPP Fit, creating healthy and multidimensional athletes.

Though achieving a solid fitness base with GPP Fitness, then GPP Endurance provides the following:

Guidance in building and maintaining a minimum base of endurance for running, biking, and swimming hobbyists.
Tips on training, workouts, programming structure, gear, races, and performance.
Camps, Clinics, Forums, Seminars, Classes, and Group Training on all things endurance.
Video’s, articles, resources for endurance athletes.
Team opportunities with discounts on all of the above as well as coaching/training packages.
Rates & Fees: Please see our website for fees here:
Training Camps Offered: GPP Endurance has two great camps to choose from: GPP Endurance Camp Tucson and GPP Endurance Camp St. George UT.

More information on GPP Endurance Camps coming soon!
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