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Timothy Thew

101 Circle View Drive
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792
Phone: 8282098776


Education: Undergrad degree, Undergrad science or exercise-science degree
Certifications: None
Services: Local bike fitting, One-on-one swim instruction on pool deck, Online coaching, Regular track or group run workouts in person

General Info

General Info: American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist and Triathlon Coach since 1996. I have been a coach and personal trainer since 1996 having focused on in-home fitness, rehabilitative recovery, health and fitness maintenance and sports specific performance training for many years. I have a Bachelor degree from Brevard College, Brevard, NC and Health and Fitness Major from Catonsville Community College, Baltimore, MD and was certified by the prestigious “Gold Standard,” ACSM Health Fitness Specialist. Later certified as USA Triathlon Coach, I sought care for clients in need of higher performance in endurance sports, swimming, biking and running.

After college, I returned to Maryland where I earned my Health & Fitness distinctions and worked on clients of various abilities and goals ranging from surgery rehabilitation to strength and conditioning for athletic performance.

I have partnered with the Lelia Patterson Center and Fletcher Park in Fletcher, NC which enabled me to provide with the widest array of health and wellness options both indoor and out. As a strong supporter of the communities I worked and lived with, I was constantly seeking to support local events .

I enjoy finding a variety of appropriate and safe, functional workouts specific to my client’s goals and needs. In my personal time I enjoy running, biking, swimming and weight training.

I benchmark all of my athletes with either a general physical assessment or a sport specific assessment. Physical assessment measures endurance, agility, strength & power as well as flexibility and range of motion. From there we will periodize or schedule your year leading up to your primary or alpha race or game.

After the periodization is complete, I will structure your workouts and training sessions to include the appropriate sport-specific strength training, endurance training, agility and flexibility, power techniques and more. I do not used canned or templated workouts, every training session is sculpted based on your current physical limits and your specific goals.
Rates & Fees: Average multisport training session is $60.
Training Camps Offered: Training camps and special training events are as requested.
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