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Brad Minus

7402 South Elliott Street
Tampa, Florida 33616
Phone: 813-444-2723


Education: Graduate degree, Undergrad degree
Certifications: IRONMAN Coaching, USAT level 1, USATF level 1
Services: One-on-one swim instruction on pool deck, Online coaching, Regular track or group run workouts in person, TrainingPeaks scheduling

General Info

General Info: My primary coaching objective for you is to enjoy the experience, cross the finish line comfortably and with a smile on your face. You will know you did your best and have the energy to enjoy the rest of your day.

I make sure that every workout is easy to understand, easy to execute, but a challenge to complete.

For either Run Coaching or Triathlon Coaching, I believe in a six-phase periodization schedule.

Aerobic - This phase will increase your endurance with low effort, high duration, medium frequency.

Strength - This phase will build your strength with high effort, lower duration, and high frequency.

Anaerobic - This phase will begin with intervals to increase speed, strength, flexibility, and momentum. This is high duration, high effort, medium frequency

Coordination - This phase will put all the pieces together. Incorporating your endurance, strength, and speed to turn your race(s) in the greatest possible experience.

Peak - Here is where we top it off with a period of medium volume, medium effort, and high frequency. I optimize your training schedule, so you are in this phase come race day.

Recovery - Now your body is probably in need of some rest, but we will not stop. This phase recovers the muscles with low volume, low frequency, low-medium effort.
Rates & Fees: Depends on # of sports, monthly or per session. Please see website for details
Training Camps Offered: Camps are done 3-4x a year based on the overall needs and wants of the squad. They are usually 1-2 day clinics held locally.
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