Greg Combs

May Street Bicycle Shop
1010 N. May Street
Southern Pines, North Carolina 28387
Phone: (910) 528-4365
Fax: 9105284365
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Jamabalaya (a little of everything)
Certifications: Retul
Fit Bikes: Calfee, Other
Motion-Capture Systems: Dartfish, Other, Retul, Ubersense
Brand-Friendly: None
Cost of Fit: $200 to $300 (RMR & VO2/VCO2 Additional costs)

General Information

General Information: To enable my clients to ride pain free and ride their best:
1. I assess range of motion for functional and anatomical abnormalities.
2. Perform a comprehensive rider analysis on the bike based on individual's range of motion by using state of the art Retul 3-D and Dartfish video analysis technology.
3. Prescribe exercises to correct muscle imbalances and reduce repetitive strain injuries.
4. Demonstrate Muscle Energy Technique (MET) to regain range of motion and alignment of the lower back, pelvis, and extremities.
5. Provide follow up sessions for minor adjustments on the bike.
6. Refer clients with major functional problems to a medical specialist to perform appropriate treatment.
Directions: Look for May Street Bicycles. Off Highway 1, take May Street. Head southeast into Southern Pines. Turn right into parking lot with the bright yellow bike at top of hill.
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