Gear West Bike and Triathlon

1786 West Wayzata Blvd
Long Lake, Minnesota 55356
Phone: 763-473-0093
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Jamabalaya (a little of everything)
Certifications: F.I.S.T. Tri
Fit Bikes: Exit Cycling
Motion-Capture Systems: Retul
Cost of Fit: $125 standard, $225 Retul, $300 Pedal/Shoe & Retul Fitting

General Information

General Information: Gear West Bike & Triathlon has always fit people on their bikes with one simple philosophy: If you are comfortable, you will perform better. This works on so many levels. Greater comfort will allow you to create more power on your bike. Greater comfort will get you excited about riding more. Riding more often and longer will bring better fitness.

Kevin O’Connor, owner of Gear West Bike & Triathlon(GW Bike), has been fitting triathlon and road bikes for more than 20 years. GW Bike is the largest brick & mortar triathlon shop in the country. This leads to more tri bike fittings than any other shop. Kevin has personally fit more than 2,000 athletes on their tri bikes. Kevin also has real world experience on triathlon bikes. He has raced triathlons for 20 years, several years as an elite amateur. In 2007 he returned to the Hawaii Ironman and raced a 9:35. It was the second best time out of his 6 visits to Kona. In 2009 he was named Overall US Duathlete of the Year by USA Triathlon. His race experience has allowed him to have a unique perspective when it comes to fitting fellow athletes.

With Gear West Bike & Triathlon fitting an average of two athletes per day, the staff at Gear West Bike & Tri does more triathlon and road bike fittings in a single season than some stores do in a decade. This leads to a unique and proprietary system for fitting people based on their needs. Everyone at GW Bike performs bike fittings based on the simple philosophy that comfort is the number one objective. This does not always lead to the best aerodynamic position but it does always lead to faster times on the bike, as well as on the run after the bike.

Gear West Positioning System:
We believe that with comfort comes speed!. The GW Bike fitting protocol maximizes both comfort and power for the athlete. Gear West Bike & Tri has unique experiences with the full range of athletes who turn to them to make cycling more enjoyable. They know that proper fit is not necessarily an exact science nor an art form. It is something that is best learned through experience. They don’t use static measurements nor antiquated formulas to put you into a position that isn’t specifically designed for your uniqueness. We don’t use any “fit system”, frankly because those will only get an athlete close to the right position. A standardized set of fit measurements and formulas is no substitution for experience. The protocol we have developed puts you in position that is best for YOU.

Gear West Bike & Tri is on an exclusive list of bike fitters who have invested in this dynamic, 3 dimensional biomechanical analysis system. Retul does not use formulas or take static measurements to tell the fitter what adjustments need to be made but instead gives the most accurate information available so the fitter can make the adjustments he/she feels necessary. It is still the experience and knowledge of the fitter which will get you in your ideal position. Retul takes 3D measurements via infrared markers on the cyclist while cycling. The measurements are accurate to less than 1mm and are taken while the cyclist is actually spinning as opposed to a static measurement. These 3D measurements also provide data to the fitter which validates the changes the fitter has made during the fitting process. When you are finished you will have exact measurements of your fit. This will allow you to duplicate this position in the future as well as give you a baseline for any future changes that are made to your position. There is simply no other measuring system as accurate as Retul.
Directions: Gear West Bike & Triathlon is 15 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. Simply take 394 west to Highway 12 west, or 694/494 to the Highway 12 exit. Go west on Hwy 12 and take the Wayzata Blvd exit for Long Lake. We're about 2 miles ahead on the right hand side. Feel free to contact us for simple and easy directions. 952-473-0093.
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