Daryl Catching of Pearland Bicycles

9330 Broadway St, Ste 422
Pearland, Texas 77584
Phone: 2817412115
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: F.I.S.T.
Certifications: BikeFit, F.I.S.T. Road, F.I.S.T. Tri
Fit Bikes: Purely Custom
Motion-Capture Systems: Other
Cost of Fit: 125-275

General Information

General Information: When it comes to cycling comfort and performance, we at Pearland Bicycles prescribes by the "Fit First" philosophy using our Purely Custom Dynamic Fit bike. Purely Custom is the XY fit bike of choice by the world?s best fitters. It simply allows us to replicate any bike and easily adjust it to your specific needs. Along with a comprehensive cycling analysis, we gather what we learned from the fit bike to replicate your fit on your new or existing bike, or in some cases, have a custom frameset fabricated.

Our Fit service starts with an interview and simple physical assessment, we then proceed to find your perfect fit using the ?F.I.S.T. Methodology? developed by Slowtwitch?s own Dan Empfield. This process accompanied by full Video Analysis from Motion Metriq, and Saddle Pressure Mapping from Gebiomized works to find your optimum and most comfortable riding position where you're able to ride comfortably and deliver efficient power. After a full analysis is complete we make changes to your bike as needed, or build the bike of your dreams to replicate your fit.

We follow this up with a written report and plan of action. As your riding and fitness level progress, so does your fit needs. Sometimes this may be a simple change to your posture or may necessitate an adjustment or equipment change on the bike.

Our fit methodology can be used to correct your current bike & fit, but by doing it prior to purchase, we're able to find the best fitting bike from the start and often save customers significant money by not having to make major changes to their bike such as cranksets, stem, saddle, aero bars, re-cabling, etc...

Saddle selection is paramount to a good bike fit and no bike can be comfortable without the right saddle.

In addition to our dynamic fit bike, we utilize Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping along with our BikeFit Saddle Changer. Saddle pressure analysis not only tells us where it hurts and why but give us a clear picture of how and where you sit on different saddles. We?re so confident in our Saddle Selection process we back it with a no questions asked 30-day comfort guarantee when you purchase a new saddle.

Static Fit, or Dynamic Bike Sizing $125
Comprehensive Cycling Analysis/ with Pressure $275

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.
Call, Daryl, today and schedule your dynamic bike fit and start riding or racing in comfort.
Directions: Pearland Bicycles is located south of downtown Houston, (approximately 20-minute drive). We are located on Broadway St. (FM-518) about 1.25 miles east of Hwy-288.
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