Jeff Frame

BioVelo, LLC
6325 Buttonwood Dr.
Noblesville, Indiana 46062
Phone: 7657174218
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Serotta
Certifications: S.I.C.I. (Serotta)
Fit Bikes: Other
Motion-Capture Systems: Other
Cost of Fit: 200.00

General Information

General Information: BioVelo (meaning body and bike) focuses on the biomechanics of the rider and the impact these have on the positioning and performance of the bike. Although BioVelo is rooted in cycling, it encompasses much more from; walking and running gait analysis, footwear consulting, teaching and education, and biomechanical consulting. BioVelo is based on 15 years of biomechanics research and development in 3D motion capture technology and gait/cycle analysis at the university and clinical levels. The goal is not to "fit" you on your bike or treat your symptoms, but rather figure out the biomechanical cause of your discomfort and performance declines both on the bike and during gait and give you a road map to correct these deficiencies whether they are related to the bike or most often you physically.

Our philosophy is that a cycle or gait analysis is NOT one and done. Many times there are physical limitations and muscle imbalances affecting one's biomechanics that lead to discomfort, pain, and performance deficiencies. We focus on the whole bicycle-rider system or runner-ground contact system, by providing not only professional cycle and gait analyzes using advanced methods and technology but we also provide orthotics specific to your sport, functional movement screenings and training and muscle imbalance correction exercises to reduce and eliminate pain and improve performance.

A need also existed within the cycling community to educate cyclists and runners on the importance of analyzing your movement patterns and addressing the dysfunction that leads to injuries through proper channels of physicians, therapists, and functional training. I have developed a 3 tiered approach lecture series/course called "Cycle Analysis...more than just fitting a bike to educate riders, bike shop employees, physical therapists, athletic trainers, etc. on what is involved in a cycle analysis based on my philosophy and how to deal with injuries. See more info about this course under the services tab and consulting.
Directions: located in South Harbor neighborhood on Morse Reservoir
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