Jason Twedt

108 Greenwood Avenue
Bethel, Connecticut 06801
Phone: 4752893496
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Fit Information

Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Unanswered
Certifications: F.I.S.T. Road, F.I.S.T. Tri, Retul
Fit Bikes: Exit Cycling, Retul
Motion-Capture Systems: Retul
Cost of Fit: 300.00

General Information

General Information: What you feel on the bike is just as important as what a fitter may observe. Only you know how you feel. What may look good to the fitter may not feel good to you. It should be like the eye doctor. Patient and doctor working together; good, better, best to arrive at the ?perfect position?. The feedback is important information. It is the fitter's job to articulate what you are feeling.

Many people claim they can do a bike fit and many people claim to be experts. Nothing replaces a good education and experience. Technology and tools are great tools. And just that! They can assist the fitter and offer up more information and talking points, but they are no replacement for a good eye and experience.

Our lead bike fitter has been involved in the cycling industry for many years and has been fitting bikes since 2005. Their bike fitting experience, knowledge, and understanding of how bike and rider integrate and relate to each other means an unparalleled fit. We do use a sophisticated 3D imaging system by Retul to record data and observe rider feedback to fine tune adjustments. We can record before, during, and after data for analysis. It is a important aspect for the rider to be able to view their position and pedaling dynamics. Retul is a great tool and paired with the good judgment of our trained fitter assures the rider an optimized position for their needs.
Directions: Located in downtown Bethel, CT across from PT Barnum Square.
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