Emerys Third Coast Cycling Triathlon and Fitness

Main Tri Store: 9929 W Lisbon Avenue
N88W15036 Main Street, Menomonee Falls, Wi
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53222
Phone: 414-463-0770
Fax: 262-255-0770
Spoke Alliance Member: No

Product Delivery Channels

We ship mail-order via: e-commerce site , phone
We offer local home/work delivery, transacting via: e-commerce site , phone
You may order in advance, and pick up, transacting via: e-commerce site , phone

Bike Fit

Key Tri-Specific Contact(s): Yes, Their Names - Olympic Cycling Medalist Brent Emery (over 20,000 fits),Ben Emery, Steven Federspiel
F.I.S.T. Tri Fitter(s): Yes, Their Names - Brent Emery. Brent trains our fitting staff
F.I.S.T. Road Fitter(s): None
F.I.S.T. Advanced Fitter(s): None
BFACT Score: 0
BikeFit, BodyGeometry, Retul, Serotta, or Trek Fitter(s): None
Default Tri-Fit Methodology: Unanswered
Fit Bikes: Other
Motion-Capture Systems: Other


Wetsuits: Aqua Sphere, Aquaman, Rocket Science
Bikes: Cervelo, Trek
Custom Frames: None

General Information

Shop Hours: M 11-8, Tu 11-5, W/Th/F 11-7, Sat 10-4, Sun> Goofing off...After worship that is!
Barnett-Trained Mechanic(s): None
United Bicycle Institute-Trained Mechanic(s): None
Shop Info: Emerys is a place where athletes can explore their triathlon dreams and we can help them become a reality. After 1/4 million biking miles of my own, racing in 17 countries, winning an Olympic medal, designing one of the worlds first "funny" bikes (1981), and making one of the worlds first aero bars (1986), setting a world cycling record (1981), designing one of the finest functioning tri shorts anywhere (2004), and having crafted over 25,000 bike fits (for Ironman winners on to beginners) I admit there's still an enormous amount to explore. Our business has been fitting for 38 years, over 60,000 fits to date. We have more answers to fit problems than most shops anywhere. We don't fake anything, and my staff and I are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet. I've sat in on a few sessions at the San Diego Wind Tunnel, and have been part of bio-mechanical studies at Penn State and the Olympic Training Center. Accuracy in the way we build and repair bikes, accuracy in the quality of information we provide, and accuracy in the fits we do is reason to consider us. There are many clinics and scheduled training rides we offer. We're affiliated with some of the top local coaches. Yes, we match internet prices on products.
Directions: Dream of where you want to see dozens of built tri specific bikes, pro road bikes, over 150 wetsuits, the best wheels, tri shoes, clothing and accessories, aero helmets etc, etc. Click your heels together and say, there's no place like Emerys, there's no place like Emerys... or just get on with it and click here >
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