Moment Bicycles

5965 Village Way
San Diego, California 92130
Phone: 619-523-2453
Spoke Alliance Member: Yes

Product Delivery Channels

We ship mail-order via: e-commerce site , phone
We offer local home/work delivery, transacting via: e-commerce site , phone
You may order in advance, and pick up, transacting via: e-commerce site , phone

Bike Fit

Key Tri-Specific Contact(s): Yes, Their Names - JT, Lynne,Michael, Aaron, Leon, Larry
F.I.S.T. Tri Fitter(s): Yes, Their Names - JT, Aaron, Leon
F.I.S.T. Road Fitter(s): Yes, Their Names - JT, Aaron, Leon
F.I.S.T. Advanced Fitter(s): Yes, Their Names - JT
BFACT Score: 100
BikeFit, BodyGeometry, Retul, Serotta, or Trek Fitter(s): Yes, Their Names - JT, Leon, Aaron
Default Tri-Fit Methodology: F.I.S.T.
Fit Bikes: Guru DFU, Velotron
Motion-Capture Systems: Innovision, Retul


Wetsuits: None
Bikes: BMC, Cervelo, Felt, Giant, Pinarello, Specialized
Custom Frames: Parlee

General Information

Shop Hours: M-F 11-7 Sat-Sun 10-6
Barnett-Trained Mechanic(s): Yes, Their Names - JT
United Bicycle Institute-Trained Mechanic(s): Yes, Their Names - Beau
Shop Info: We have the largest Triathlon and Road bike selection in San Diego. Bike Brands include Specialized, Cervelo, Cannondale, BMC, Felt, Guru, and Parlee. We stock the full line of Zipp wheels and Enve wheels. We have a large selection of HED and Rolf wheels also. We operate with the "fit first" principle. Our founder is a FIST instructor (the other one is Dan Empfield). We have 8 triathletes on staff. If you want to talk aerodynamics, properties of materials, geometry etc. we have an aerospace engineer on staff. We are San Diego's custom bike SPECIALISTS!! You will never get an "attitude" at our shop. Our mechanics are Barnett trained master mechanics. We are focused on your satisfaction and performance. San Diego Triathlon Classic race director is on staff also. We also have 3 women on staff, and want to grow women's cycling in SoCal. Please stop by and say hello, or join us for one of our many rides!
Directions: Please "google it". The location does not always appear correct on Iphones or apple maps. We are located in the Carmel Valley neighborhood of San Diego, just north of the 56 highway in the new Trader Joes shopping center. We are in a center called The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch. The store is immediately adjacent to Title 9, Urban Girl, Panara, Starbucks, Baked Bear, Luna Grill. Great parking. 5965 Village Way E-100 San Diego, CA 92130
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