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Red Rock Running Company

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7350 West Cheyenne
Las Vegas, Nevada 89129
Phone: 702-870-4786

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Diagnostic Equipment



Running Shoes: Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, Pearl Izumi, Saucony, Zoot
Socks: Balega, Defeet, Smartwool, Thorlo, Wigwam, WrightSock
Run Focused Apparel: Adidas, ASICS, Brooks, Mizuno
Tri Focused Apparel: 2XU, Zoot
Swim Gear: None
Wetsuits: None

General Information

Store Hours: M-F 10-7, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5
Runs & Classes: NO WHINING WEDNESDAYS GROUP RUN! is the new name for our weekly group run. This run is FREE to all. All that want to run hard as hell that is! This run is not your feel good, have a nice chat with another runner run, but a kick butt tempo run of 6-8 miles!

Here's the deal:
It is FREE!
Runs starts at 5:30pm.
Runs are tempo style - hard efforts! You must be willing to run a workout! You are not expected to be a fast runner, elite or stellar runner, just a runner who is not afraid of a hard workout and getting some results. So don't call the store and ask "So do I need to be like an olympic athelete or something?" The run is for those who like to train hard. How hard that's up to you.
We will run a brief warm up together to the basin loop and then we will get it going on!

We run no matter what! NO MATTER WHAT!
Heat of 110 degrees- We run.
It's cold - We run.
Rain - You won't melt. We run.
Wind - come on. We run.
In fact, if you look at the weather to decide if you should run then don't come.
We have a few basic rules:
Be on time Don't be late we don't really have a give 'em 5 minute rule!
Finish by the time the store closes. 7PM.
And please... NO WHINING!

Shop Info The RED ROCK RUNNING COMPANY is the only running specialty stores in Las Vegas, Nevada. We service runners, triathletes, ultra runners, fitness walkers and runners.

We can do a detailed video treadmill gait analysis and fit you in the best shoe for YOU!

Directions: We are located at 7350 W. Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129. 1/2 mile WEST from US 95. We are 23 minutes from the Las Vegas strip (measured at Flamingo and I-15N). Driving directions on our home page.

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